Something very big has just happened

According to our beloved President, “Something very big has just happened!”

Like all good storytellers, he’s not giving too much away. Is it a natural disaster? Are we at war? Are the elder gods so disgusted that they’ve taken this moment to attack?

A lesser politician (like Obama!) would provide hints or clues, but not Trump. That man knows how to maintain the suspense.

Any thoughts on what he’s talking about?

Josh Rogin, WP:

If that is what Trump’s tweet is about, then here’s a few more details, from a few hours ago.

Charles Lister, Middle East expert:

I’m glad the Ex-Lax worked.

Fin Gomez, CBS News:

It was the biggest, and it was perfect.


Well this is good news

It is good news. I was afraid we had invaded Ukraine.

Yanno, when Obama did it, it was … pretty ok and I wasn’t particularly fond of him. With Trump I just feel this overwhelming sense of, “who cares, shut up and get off my tv” (tv is stand in for whatever device/platform you care to put there)

I am sure that all the important events in the future will only be announced on Twitter.

Al-Baghdadi killed. Curious if the reaction is going to be akin to the bin Laden raid. Likely won’t even get to half that, since Baghdadi is a considerably lesser known figure.

I’m impressed (graded on the curve) that he managed to keep his Tweeting finger off the button for a whole week between approval and completion. Maybe he didn’t know who Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was either.

In any case, kudos to the people who did the actual planning and work.

We can’t impeach Trump now after he went over there and killed Al-Baghdadi himself. The only reason we didn’t impeach Obama for being Kenyan is because our brave military killed Bin Laden while Obama just coincidentally was president. You won’t see that part of the story covered by the fake news though. And what about Biden’s son, and Hillary Clinton’s emails?

He was far too busy taking calls from big men who were in tears saying “Sir, Mr. President Trump sir, thank you for saving our Country, we never thought two years and nine months ago that a president could ever do so much for us as you have”.

It should be interesting to compare Fox News coverage of this, Trump’s Very Big Thing, with their own coverage of Bin Laden’s killing, under Obama.

Anybody got links to the Fox archives?

Dispatching that monster to hell is pristine good news. I heartily congratulate everyone involved in dispatching this scum - the armed forces, CIA, the humint people on the ground, the team that serviced those choppers, the cooks who prepared their meals… and yes the President for actually authorizing it. Too much political bickering going on here.

<ducks for cover>

Unlike Obama, he had no understanding of the planning, the logistics, the risk to others the mission entailed. He only understood it would bring him adulation. And if it failed, it wasn’t his fault.

I’m listening to Trump’s announcement on NPR right now. Even when Trump does something positive, it’s hard for me to appreciate it because he sounds like an idiot reading at a third grade level, and of course he has to get his digs and insults in. So presidential! :rolleyes: