Something you want to have in ten years

I want to have a house with hardwood floors and a sunlit, airy living room space where I can plunk down a nice stereo and listen to music that I love reverberate throughout the house.

Also, maybe a wife, kids, a dog, and a better job. :smiley:

Very Much Hope:
My parents and sister alive and well
My horse-like health still in place
A husband and a baby

Material Plans:
A six-figure job
A luxury condo
A house in a nice area
A good investment portfolio

Although-List 1 is waay more important than list 2 but it’s out of my hands so I plan to do everything in my power to get List 2 as well.

Enough money to pay the bills
Some time to read
A boring life
Can I say a dead ex-husband?
And I want to keep all the stuff I have now.

Materialistic goal–To have a primary or vacation home on Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. That’s honestly the only material goal I have, and I hope to acheive this within 9 years. Of course, there are other material goals I have to reach to do this.

My other goals are to have a child or two. I want to still be married and still not have to resort to working for “the man” (i.e. still be self-employed). I want to reduce my personal expenses to the lowest possible level required to maintain a comfortable, low-impact life.

My other big life goal is to hike the Appalachian Trail by the time I’m sixty.

I’d really like to own property where I can have horses. It would be so nice to just step out the back door and walk to the barn instead of having to drive for half an hour to see mine.

I’d also like to own a couple more horses. I have one now, I’d like three total.

Enough dinero to be debt-free and not have to worry about retirement.

The title of Master Instructor in Taekwondo.

Utter domination of the northern hemisphere. You aussies seem like a good bunch, so you can frolick in freedom for all I care.

Shoes like Marty has in Back to the Future II that self adjust and close. I know we could make those if we wanted to, and damn it, I want some.

I’ve always wanted access to a huge multimedia file system with music and video and old television shows that runs through my entertainment center that I can access for a monthly fee. No more buying hard copies of anything, and I want it run by obsessive compulsive genre freaks that include everything, ever. It will be here before the 10 years is up.



A hovercraft, preferably without eels.

Seriously, though, I’ve got pretty much everything I might want, except for a bit more a) money and b) free time.

A healthy 11 year old.

The rest will work itself out.


Two happy, healthy teenagers who still like me.

A boyfriend, or ideally, a husband.
A son or a daughter (not sure I could handle more than one kid, though).
A job where I get to be creative AND has flexible enough hours where I’m able to have a life outside of work.

A wife or loving girlfriend would be top priority and a flying car would be nice too. We’ve been promised those for fifty years now and I’m getting impatient.

A husband
A 16 by 9 television
A working neurological system

OK – real, obtainable things? All my family members still alive and well, maybe even better than they are now. Everything else that I already have.

Fantasy land? All of the above, plus: A new, straight spine with no arthritis or scoliosis in it. Knees with all their cartilege. 20/20 vision, without scary surgery. 50 fewer pounds for that new perfect spine and knees to carry. Thick, wavy hair.

The ability to bend the very fabric of space and time to my will, to individually move molecules around in whatever way I see fit. The power to, with a single thought, do anything from rearranging the molecular structure of the blood cells of someone I don’t like to give them sickle-cell anemia to causing every single atom on the planet to undergo nuclear fusion and blow up the whole damn world. So much power… I would be as a God!


And money, lots of money.

An erection.

I just want to hang on to everything I’ve got: a great family, a terrific bunch of friends and enough money to live on without having monthly panic attacks. Life would be perfect if the WryGuy had a job he loved, rather than one he endures, and my younger brother managed to straighten out his life and stay out of jail.

Personally, in ten years’ time I’d like to have two published books and a friendly neighborhood pub with my name over the door.