Sometimes I am a very very slow learner

Like I don’t seem to be able to learn that it can take hours for one new reply to appear in the average post. Because I still check the pages every bloody minute!

Or there’s the other side of the sword - Just when there are enough poeple for a high volume of new posts the boards become treacle.
What is the capacity of this place? because it seems to me like if there are more than, say 8 people actively posting (averaging about 2 posts an hour) it’s treacle-time.
This is a great place! But just think how much greater it would be if there wasn’t a demand problem, and people could really populate the place with good sturdy conversation!

But Lobsang, the Board would then become so popular that the traffic would increase until we were swamped again.

I know. It’s a shame. But theoretically it would be cool if the supply-demand thing was not an issue.

It’s a bit like motorways.