Sometimes I feel . . .

like a mean just waiting to be regressed toward.

Other times I feel like a substandard deviation.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner.

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

Sometimes I feel like a nut.
Sometimes I feel like a motherless nut.

Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I feel like running away from home.

Sometimes I feel my nutsack.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been tied to the whipping post.

Sometimes I feel pretty.

Oh so pretty.


Sometimes I feel charming.

Oh so charming.

waits to see who’s going to continue with the next two lines - 'cause I sure ain’t"

like my only friend.

It’s alarming.


It’s that time of the month for me…I don’t get homicidal, acne or bloated, I just get this weird vertigo.

Spinning around has it’s definite advantages though: who needs drugs when you’ve got your own inbuilt out-of-body experience happening!


Whoah, where’s the pukey smiley gone??

And disarmingly gayyyyy…shall we pack it in?:slight_smile:

Sometimes I feel as if I’m just being used.

Sometimes I feel like an ellipsis…

[Traffic]“Sometimes I feel like I’m fadin’ away”[/Traffic]

Sometimes I feel like the R-squared for the correlation between my intentions and what Life has in store for me is about 15%.

o/ Like a natural woman o/

…that I’m drunk behind the wheel…the wheel of possibilities, however it may roll.