Sometimes, there's no use in trying to look nice.

I had to go to my annual neuroligist visit today. This is like a big outing for me, (yeah, I know that’s sad). The office is in a swanky area of Nashville, so I put a little more effort into my appearance, plus the doctor is cute in a Bill Clinton kind of way. So I’m sitting up on the table thing, and he’s telling me he doesn’t see any reason for an MRI this time (Yay!). While he’s writing out the perscription, I tell him about the weird sensations I’ve had in my foot. So he rolls over on his little stool, and removes my shoe. And right there on top of my sock is a great… BIG…

Dust Bunny!!! :smack:

So this is in Cafe Society because you’re turning it into a screenplay? Writing a recipe for Dust Bunny Soup?

I presume this is posted in Cafe Society in error, and I am moving it to a home where it may receive more responses…

So I guess the dust bunny explains the weird sensation in your foot?

'Cause, damn, that’s a big dust bunny.


Like you have to try.

This is a joke post isn’t it.

I was recently at my neurologist and I had a young, really cute resident doing the initial exam. So he was standing really, really close to me to look in my eyes with that little light, and then he checked my blood pressure and pulse. I just knew what was going to happen - he said “Hmm, your pulse rate is a little fast.”

:o I said - hopefully convincingly - “I’m not in good physical condition, it’s probably always fast.”

When I go to get my hair cut, no matter what I’m wearing or how recently I showered, I always am made to feel like a smelly sloppy bag lady compared to the primped prisses inevitably hanging around.

Similar thing happened to my bro when he had to see a doctor for a physical.

He was sitting in the examination table and his doctor asked him to drop his pants.

Unfortunately, his woohoo happened to flop out of his fly at the same time, at half mast.

His doctor took it in good humor and said;

“Well. I *was * gonna check your backside first!”

Well, at least you didn’t have a hole in the toe of your sock (I’ve had that happen before.) Or how about a dryer sheet on the inside of your pants, just hanging out the bottom. I’ve managed to do that one as well.

In fact, the only one I think I’ve managed to avoid is tucking my skirt into my hose so my whole ass is hanging out…

I think I should just get some one piece metalic type disposable suits, with the shoes attached. It would avoid these mishaps…

Midway through the day, I thought to myself, “Gee, these tight pants feel a bit lumpy around the right calf.” I reached in and pulled out a pair of underwear. :smack: Actually, it’s better that they were tight than that the undies went sliding on out.

I was walking down the street to the subway one day when a guy drove up behind me, honked, and waved me over. He said, “I just wanted to tell you that your backpack is pulling your skirt up.” And it was, up to my waist. :o The only redeeming factor in this story is that I was wearing opaque black tights.