sometimes this place creeps me out...

So, I’m looking at the Great Debates index and I see, all these next to each other:

Slobodan Milosevic - Bad Rap?
Is fascism that bad?
Drowned 5 children… Insane?


If we’ve been fighting ignorance since 1973, why do we still get questions this easy?


Answer Key:

  1. No.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes.

Because, jmonster, sometimes ignorance fights back.

That’s why SD is still around.

I just wish people would stop talking about their bowel movements.

(apologies in advance for sounding like a didactic ass)
Simple assumption IS ignorance: we can easily assume that evil is bad, but unless we examine its exact nature, our assumptions are worthless. Most sentiments that go without saying usually wither without blooming.

Now, as for those TMI threads…

SPEAKING of bowel movements! You would not BELIEVE what happened to me this morning…

Do tell…



If the questions are so easy, why don’t I see you contributing to any of those three threads? Why are you scurrying over to MPSIMS to complain about what’s going on over there, instead of joining the debates? Pro skiier on the kiddie slopes, are ye?

Ignorance is endless. I’ve found it’s more successful to attempt to eradicate it in one’s own self rather than to try eradicating it in others, unless they specifically ask. The way I figure it, with the amount of knowledge available to all of us, everyone will always be more ignorant than not, no matter how smart or open-minded one is. However, one can wage a lifelong battle against their own ignorance. And that ain’t bad.

I find it disturbing that, for purposes of this thread, "ignorance"is defined as “questionioning a viewpoint which I’ve always accepted unthinkingly”.

The reason those things are debateable is that many people don’t think we live in a world where right and wrong are absolute. Actually, some developmental psychologists believe that being able to move beyond black-and-white decisions about right or wrong is a sign of advanced moral development. That’s why you might be taught some “absolutes” in 6th or 8th grade, but then later in college or in your self-education, you revisit those answers and realize it’s not as settled as you thought.

While I don’t expect many non-ignorant people are going to wax poetic about the beauties of fascism, if one acknowledges its merits and why it might be attractive to some people, we have a better means of understanding world history and future risks to civilized society. Same with ol’ Slobodan. Discussing how some nutjob can drown her kids has similar benefits, especially given how murky the waters are on insanity and its legal and moral justification for certain pleas, charges, and punishments.

You know, it’s funny you should mention that. I was talking to a coworker over lunch and he asked if I saw any fireworks light night, to which I responded: “Only if you count explosive diarrhea!” Thanks for your interest.

No need to discuss; didn’t you see my Answer Key? :wink: