Sometimes we are just jerks.

Oh, yeah, like we need more politicians’ wives getting nose jobs to fit some socially constructed standard of beauty.

Add to this the people who think Mike Huckabee’s name makes him sound like an idiot. (Which is ethnic bias. It is. Bias against hillbillies.) No, backing the FAIR Tax makes him sound like an idiot.

And then there are the constant jokes about Boehner’s name. A little is OK, but it’s wearing, you know? I have roots in SW Ohio, and Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. Thanks so much for confirming that the other half of the United States still sneers at those of us with German heritage. Thanks. (Mocking him for being orange doesn’t really bug me, though it should, as a lot of us have that skin color too. Gah. I just like pretending that he paints himself that color for some reason.)

It’s so nice to know that arbitrary dominant-culture-derived ethnic norms of acceptable names and appearance are alive and well on the Left. No wonder you’re losing elections.

Oh, well, I’m guilty too. Like, I could point out that “Mitt Romney” sounds suspiciously like a prep-school twit. Now, if he’d stuck with “Willard,” that’d be OK.

I don’t get it.

Anyway, I only every made fun of Boehner because of the garbage that comes out of his mouth, combined with the fact that his bullshit has the potential to affect me. What follows is a matter of making use of what is available, which may prove inappropriate in hindsight, but isn’t the true basis of the behavior.

Self-defense is.

Eh, I kind of disagree with this part. Yes, any mockery of any person’s physical appearance is sort of shallow. But the thing about Callista Gingrich is that she is kind of scary looking precisely because she is clearly trying so hard to fit a socially constructed standard of beauty. If she looked like any sort of range of normal for a 45-year-old woman, from MILF to matronly to flat-out homely, I would agree making fun of her looks would be totally out of bounds.

Yeah, this part I can kind of get behind. Mike Huckabee is actually a reasonably close cousin of mine, and I have Huckabees in my family tree on my mother’s side. I have childhood memories of “Grandma Huckabee” (who was actually my great-grandmother). Don’t be hatin’ on Huckabees (just on right-wing wing-nuttery).

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! Yeah, right. It’s prejudice that loses elections. The big problem with the Democrats is that they don’t cling tightly enough to “dominant culture derived ethical norms”.

Fuck sake…there ain’t a rolleyes in the world big enough for that one.

I hear your mom likes Boehner.

More like Shit Romney… am I right? C’mon, who’s with me!

Holy shit, she’s 45! :eek: She looks my mother’s age, who is over 20 years older. Okay, stop with the botox and the white-blonde hair or whatever else you’re doing, lady. You look old. Although to be fair, being married to epic douche Newt Gringrich would probably age most of us too.

She was all like

And then I was all like

::Wipes tears from eyes, collapses once again into helpless laughter::

I’m pretty sure she had an electrical current flowing through her when that pic was taken.

I’ve never thought much one way or another about Huckabee’s name. But, as far another right winger with a funny name, I can’t picture anybody being named Louie Gohmert and not being an idiot.

That was my response, too - I’m 44, and she looks like she’s about 20 years older than I am! Plus, you know, the crazy eyes and frozen grin (on her, not me).