Sometimes, you just gotta love craigslist

Lovely example of not quite getting english by a spammer…

since it will probably be flagged shortly

who want to kick my tite pussy ?? - w4m

Date: 2012-08-17, 10:15AM PDT
Reply to:

i am cute and very sex vergin girl. my pussy is very cute and tite. who want to kick my tite pussy, just text me your location. i will reply early with my picture.
[li]Location: fresno[/li][/ul]

I wanna kick it! I’ll kick that pussy so hard, she’ll have new labia seat covers for her tonsils!

“Hi there, I’m responding to your Craigslist ad where you say you’re looking for someone to kick your pussy. I guess you probably meant ‘lick’ your pussy, or maybe even ‘kiss’ your pussy, and if so, I would love to help you out! Mail me back if you are interested, my photo is attached.”

You want to lick or kiss my pussy?! You sick fucking freak. What kind of sick pervert are you? I’ve had it with Craigslist and the hordes of sick perverted freaks there. Can’t a girl just get a loving punt to the cunt without the entire freakshow of humanity sticking their heads in and spoiling the mood. Leave me alone!

This is one of my Craigslist favorites. I came to the conclusion, after viewing this, that I’m obviously missing out by not shopping for dates there.

I actually posted a Craigslist M4W earlier this week. I ended up with spare tickets to a concert and thought it might be an interesting hook to maybe get a date out of. I got a hundred plus responses. But as far as I could tell, not a single response was from a real woman. I especially liked this one:

Eartha Urbaniak
I am 29 year old lady that enjoy typical normal day life. I would like to intercommunicate with you.
I have never met anyone via the classified classified site. But Cragslist do have some loonies. I met someone I actually had someone escorted last year.
Inserted is a flick with me and my girlfriend. There is more picture in link at the bottom. Please don’t invite anyone as this is a invite only.
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I wonder if they actually have anyone respond to things like these? They are so obviously attempting some sort of scam.

It’s still there! The butthurt flaggers probably left it there for amusement’s sake. This is one I saw not too long ago that wasn’t flagged either, at least not for a while. It’s legitimately listed in the jobs offered section.

Meet Perseus

OMG That is hilarious!!!
He really knows what he wants, haha

Actually think this one is real. It would be tough to make up something like that and then find a picture that matches it so well.

WTF is it with amine? Isn’t this just an art form, with bulging eyed Asian women looking like doe-eyed deer?

Amines are constituents of amino acids, which you need to live. That’s what’s up.

If he were so into Japanese (sorry, Nihonese!) culture, he’d know that there is no é (the character that probably shows up as a question mark) in Japanese. It’s there for the same reason it’s the Brontë sisters, as a pronunciation guide. Faker. Bet he doesn’t like girls with sharp knees.

It wasn’t on Craigslist, but I’ll never forget a personal ad I saw once in one of those Penny Saver classified newsprint thingies. It was a guy specifically looking for a woman with hairy forearms. I still wonder how he made out.

What a vasectomy is really like.

Thanks, y’all. I’ve been sitting on my sofa reading the Best of Craigslist and laughing like a loon. I now have a new favorite time waster.