somkin' the little posters

Sheesh, can’t a guy make an apt popular culture reference in response to the OP and the OP’s sig without having to come back and explain it?

In the Episode Kryten, the crew of Red Dwarf receive a distress call from a ship crewed by a number of attractive women. They spruce themselves up and go to rescue them. Rimmer (really a chicken soup vending machine repairman) dresses up in a captain’s dress uniform and tries to persuade the others to call him “Ace”, “Big Man” and “Iron Balls”. On reaching the ship, they meet toilet-cleaning bot Kryten and discover that the human crew has been dead for centuries. Rimmer’s efforts were embarrassing, late and quite superfluous. See The SadGeezers Guide.

Apt, I tells ya. Sad perhaps, but apt.

Okay. I just never watched Red Dwarf, that’s all. Can’t watch everything! :slight_smile: