somkin' the little posters

smoke said: “So why don’t you quit being a dick and let it die?

Why the fuck couldn’t you let it die?

I’m just a glutton for punishment.

smoke on the water BAMP BAMP BAMPAAAA. . . . Where’s that air guitar ?


Seems like the two of you could have duked it out in the thread from which this sprung. Just my two cents.

I’m at a loss for anything remotely witty here. I mean, my god, the mere creation of this thread says more than I ever could. It’s the electronic equivilant of “nuh uh! He started it!” written by the mental equivilant of one who would use such a phrase.

When you posted (after 5 days) you made out that it was about KingNifty (or somebody else nearly forgotten).

When smoke posted (after less than half an hour) it was to make it clear that your post was superfluous.

When you posted this thread in response (nearly a full day later) it was like when Rimmer met Kryten.

somkin tells me there’s a tyop in the titel.

I guess sometimes ruining just one thread isn’t good enough. Hell, that thread was in the Pit, why the hell make a new thread instead of just continuing to whine there?

hawthorne: the post by smoke was itself superflouous. If smoke wanted the thread to die then why bother with the parting shot? As to why I didn’t post earlier, I didn’t see it until this morning. I’ve been very busy at work lately and have always had trouble getting to the board from home.

Everyone else: I needed to vent and was about to continue the original thread but thought better of it. After all, smoke wants that thread to die, right?

If there are no more questions I’m perfectly happy to let this thread die now, or even have it killed by one of the mods.

Nope, sorry. Your post in the linked thread makes you look like a dick. I don’t see how that last post could have had any purpose apart from trying to fan the flames and get a fight started back up again. Starting this thread makes you look like even more of a dick – it’s not like anyone else had posted to that thread for a week, you could have just had your weak-ass argument in that thread.

Point taken. However, I was one of the few that was trying to help diffuse the flames instead of fanning them. Are we done here yet?



Little help here!

Rimmer and Kryten are characters from Red Dwarf.

Bullshit. Since when is resurrecting a thread six days later “diffusing the flames”? What you did is stir the ashes in an effort to stoke the dying coals. Don’t try to look all virtuous when everyone can clearly see the gasoline can in your right hand.

Why didn’t you just let it die?

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Lib, I thought that was Rita Hayworth. Has television lied to me yet again?

Yeah, but where does their meeting fall on the superfluosity :wink: scale?

I was being facetious, that’s all. No untoward intentions on my part.**

It was a judgment call but with the ill will it caused I’m now thinking it was a wrong number.

Whatever’s happened, it’s over now. Jeff seems to feel contrite about beginning this new thread, so let’s just let this go, okay?