Son of Name "This Horror Movie"

Encouraged by dzray’s success with his horror movie request, here’s one that’s bugged me for over 20 years–

During the opening sequence, we cut back and forth between two characters, a man & woman, possibly married or not. He’s arriving home (after a trip?); she’s working on her makeup at her dressing table. As we switch from one to the other [foundation/ disembarks from ship/ blush/ collects luggage/ powder/ hails cab/ eyeliner/ takes cab ride home, etc], we become aware that this woman is not alone. She’s being watched by some dark-clad lurker in an adjoining room. Or closet. Someone with a case of shiny knives. The last view of this woman is a lurker’s-eye-view over her shoulder, and then we return to the man. He lets himself into the apartment, calls for her, heads to the bedroom. She’s sitting, quietly staring into her mirror, makeup finally perfect. He puts his hand on her shoulder and her HEAD ROLLS OFF.

Had I not been five years old I’d’ve seen it coming, but as it was I ran screaming and never even found out what the show/movie was. Could someone help me exorcise this one? I had nightmares for days.

Try your search engine for NBC Channel 10 in Philadelphia. There is a movie reviewer that works there named Steven Friedman aka “Mr Movie” that gets questions like this on his radio show all the time.

Good luck!