Son of Rambow--Q about religion and watches

I just saw Son of Rambow and thought it was great. In the film, one of the families belongs to a religion called the Plymouth Brethren. During a scene depicting a prayer meeting, a table with a bunch of watches is shown; presumably belonging to the members in attendance. I would guess that this has something to do with making time for God. Can someone better informed about this religion confirm the significance of this?

Also, does anyone know if they really shun music and television?

No one of the Brethren religion on the Dope, I suppose.

Wrong! I know of at least one Doper who is Plymouth Brethren! I know because while attending a baptism, I was seated next to him. Being Jewish, I had many questions. His response was ‘How should I know? I’m not Roman Catholic. I belong to a tiny sect called the Plymouth Brethren.’

I’ll send him a link.