Sondra Locke passes.

Sad one for me.I was thinking about her a couple days ago watching the Outlaw Josie Wales.

I had a hell of a crush, She was so cute and/or sexy(depending on the role) in all those Eastwood films. Fell off the public radar almost entirely in the past few decades.

I remember Sondra’s battle with cancer in the 90’s. I didn’t realize it had come back.

I really liked her and Clint in the Gauntlet. She was good in all the movies she did with him.


RIP Sondra - you were treated unfairly, but I hope you made your peace.

She had been in poor health for many years, according to this. It also sounds like she overall had a very tragic life. :frowning:

I wonder what the delay was in reporting her death?

Sad news.

Could a mod change her name in the title so she gets the proper respect and recognition she deserves. I almost didn’t come here because I wasn’t sure it was Sondra Locke.

Oh, that’s sad. I always liked her acting.

Right turn, Clyde.

I sent a note to the mods to do that; it jumped out me too.

FFR, the little red triangle with a ! in it in the upper right corner of every post is how you can report a post to a mod; they won’t necessarily see a post in a thread.

Good one!

Sad to hear. I’ll never understand why Eastwood went to the lengths he did to screw over an ex; I wish she’d achieved more than winning her lawsuits.

Fixed misspelling in title.

The one thing I know about her is that Clint Eastwood sabotaged her career after they split. Lovely human, he.