Song in "Before Night Falls

Last week I went to see the new movie “Before Night Falls” and somewhat early on in the movie is a silent scene accompanied by a beautiful piece of music that sounds to my amateur ears like a cello duet. I forgot to look at the credits for the title, but, since I enjoyed all the music in the film, I ordered the soundtrack online when I got home. It just came, but the cello duet is not on it. Horror! Can anyone out there who has seen or is about to see this movie identify that piece of music for me, either by familiarity or by scanning the credits at the end? I would really appreciate it. I go to school in a small town, and would have to drive for hours to see the film again, but I would recommend seeing it.

According to the IMDB, the music for the film was done by Carter Burwell, Laurie Anderson, and Lou Reed. Carter Burwell is fairly well known as a composer of scores for different films, Coen Brothers films especially. He did the score for O Brother, Where Art Thou? and several others of theirs. He also did the score for Being John Malkovich (one I really liked). This is just a WAG, but maybe the cello duet was his (writing, anyway) and it just was not included on the CD (only a couple of his pieces were). Otherwise, maybe it was from someone else and they didn’t have permission to include it on the soundtrack (just in the film).
I suppose Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed are other possibilities, but it doesn’t sound like they would have done it. But they’re given credits for doing music in the film and are not on the soundtrack.
Sorry I couldn’t help more.