Song Tapper

I found this place by accident:

The idea is that you can tap the rhythm of a song on your space bar, and it’ll figure out what song it is. I tried it out, and I’m not sure whether it’s being hampered by limited repertoire or general rubbishness. It got Bohemian Rhapsody and Smells Like Teen Spirit, and got close on Sergeant Pepper, but doesn’t like the White Stripes or Prodigy at all.

Try out a few songs you know well, and see if it works at all, or works well, and report back :slight_smile:

Excellent way to while away those spare minutes when your seacrh is being processed on another browser, GMan. Reminds me of Joseph Copper and his ‘dummy keyboard’ in Face the Music, back in the 60s and 70s.

And, yes, they got my version of Hotel California, even though I tapped out the acoustic version. My tip is, remember what every music teacher tells you: a rest is a note!

Good idea, doesn’t work very well. It kept telling me that everything was either Bohemian Rhapsody or I Predict a Riot. The only one it guessed right was one that had been suggested a few times.

Well, I’m quite disappointed. It didn’t recognise any of the choruses from Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms. :slight_smile:

It did however manage to get Happy Birthday.

It got Silent Night and Lady Madonna. Within 20 seconds worth of tapping.

First two attempts at Space Oddity, it didn’t pick it up at all. The third attempt (going half way through the song), it came in in the middle of the list. 4th time (the whole song, with a few extrainious taps because I anticipated), it came in second (behind Don’t Speak).

Aldo, ironically, it failed on Taps.