Song with "What was I THINKing?" inserted?

A number of years ago, a woman wrote and sang a song that had that refrain in it. It was funny and poignant at the same time, as she stops in mid-verse and sort of whines and really sounds like she’s trying to figure out her strange behavior - with guys - as she asks this question. As I remember, she’s questioning why girls do such stupid things to be attractive to men. I’ve searched YouTube and elsewhere and all I can find is some guy who wrote a song with that title. Can anyone help me find the song I’m referring to? Thanks. xo,

Christine Lavin.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but istm Pink has a song where she says that.

Christine Lavin. Beautiful! Thank you!

Is this a great site, or what?

It’s on her album Live at the Cactus Cafe – twice.

You can also find her performing it on YouTube:

In retrospect, I find that many of her songs take on new, unintended meanings. It's particularly funny in this song when she sings about Bruce Jenner (and, in the second version on that album, has Bruce or a sound-alike speaking a line)

In the song “Perfect” she says, “Why do I do that?”

It was my first thought when I saw the thread too.

Ding ding ding! Thank you; I’ve been mentally chewing on this since the thread started.

There’s this Dierks Bentley song, too (music starts at 0:43):