Songs by bands you like that aren't on your mp3 player

I like Nirvana…but I don’t have Smells Like Teen Spirit on my ipod. I have
In Bloom and The Man Who Fell to Earth. I don’t know—Teen Spirit was just too overplayed. Although if I hear it on the radio, I still rock out to it.

Van Halen…I don’t have Janie’s Crying or Beautiful Girls. I chose Dance the Night Away .

Psychedelic Furs…No Love My Way or Pretty In Pink. I chose Heartbreak Beat.

I guess I like the less obvious hits by bands.

I only load entire albums on my player, and only those that I would actually listen through. So there are any number of songs that fit–I’m not going to bother listing them all.

With a nano, I can’t have my entire collection on my Ipod at once. Generally, I load new albums, listen through, rate the best tracks, and keep those.