Songs: I Love Her, She Loves Him

Damn, I came in just to mention this song.

I’m sorta scared that someone else remembers it…

Smokie 1976, Living next door to Alice. He’s loved Alice for 24 years, Alice doesn’t love him and leaves. Sally wants to comfort him because she has loved him 24 years, he doesn’t want Sally.

An extra-sad example would be the Magnetic Fields “The One You Really Love.”

I gaze into your eyes of blue
but their beauty is not for me
You’re thinking on someone who’s gone
You’re dreaming of the one you really love
You’re dreaming of the corpse you really love

I came in here to mention and this and I find out I’VE BEEN SINGING IT WRONG FOR DECADES!!

But the little gold ring you wear on your hand
Makes me understand
That you’ll never be for me, you’ll never be mine
I’m wasting my time.

One more Beatles: No Reply.

Is She Really Going Out with Him? by Joe Jackson.

I guess this might count as Great American Songbook. It’s borderline whether it qualifies otherwise, as the third party is only implied. But Billie Holiday’s voice in Glad To Be Unhappy really turns a challenging verse into luscious wallowing gold:

“Unrequited love’s a bore
And I’ve got it pretty bad
But for someone you adore
It’s a pleasure to be sad”

The old bluegrass standard “I Know You’re Married.”

I’m a bit surprised that no one has yet mentioned the great “You Don’t Know Me” by Eddy Arnold (the video I linked to is Ray Charles’ wonderful cover version).

Gordon Lightfoot’s Talking In Your Sleep
The Zombies’ Tell Her No

One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists: Elvis Costello’s “Baby Plays Around”. It’s not quite a perfect fit: his love is indeed unrequited, but they’re still together, because he accepts that letting her cheat is the only way he can have her at all…

“It’s not open to discussion anymore
She’s out again tonight and I’m alone once more
She’s all I have worth waiting for
But baby plays around”

Just achingly sad.

Some highly danceable songs that fit the bill, from then and now:

Let Her Dance by the Bobby Fuller Four.

Dancing On My Own by Robyn.

ETA: I just noticed the second thread. Robyn belongs in there!
ETA again: Crossing my fingers for he/he she/she threads.

Blues for the River by Rod MacDonald.

Contains one of my favorite misheard-by-me lyrics:

“…‘cause I know where you’ve been,
I saw you walkin’
your dog.”

WOLD by Harry Chapin. Maybe. That song was more about a guy who leaves his wife and kids to pursue a fun life, then down the road realizes he made a mistake but she won’t take him back.

Jeannies diary - Eels

Make you feel my love - Adele

two out of three ain’t bad - meat loaf

Rupert Holmes’ other hit, Him.

Or, for a humorous spin on the idea, My Girl Bill by Jim Stafford.

Talking in Your Sleep by Crystal Gayle.

When You Were Mine, written by Prince but made popular by Cyndi Lauper.

The One You Loveby Glen Frey.

Yet another Beatles’ song: This Boy.

Stay, by Sugarland and From a Table Away, by Sunny Sweeney, are both about “the other woman” who realizes that the man she loves will never leave his wife. The latter especially, about a woman who’s watching her boyfriend having dinner with his wife, fits this criterion.

Meg Christian, Goodbye Joanna

Goodbye, Joanna
you can stay with Ann
give her your keys, please
because she’s a real good woman…