Songs in Major C Scale ONLY

Im sure some of us, perhaps less musically inclined have or did have at one time a musical insturment that played notes in the major scale C (and perhaps one scale less, or one scale more).

I have an Ocarina (4-hole english style), and it plays the Major C scale and I think a scale above. (Some one confirm this for me, it plays the first 8 notes in “Joy To the World” (the entire song actually, but the first 8 notes is the range of the song) The ocarina also plays the scale above. Penny Whistles and panpipes and TONS of kids insturments (all color coded, almost the same color code is used in each toy) also use this same range.

That being said, Short of buying a book… (why pay for books, when most of theese songs are public domain, and are free with the internet)

What Major C songs do you like, and play, and can point me and other people to?

Ocarina Websites that have Tons of songs (if you happen to have an ocarina as well)

Well, I think you should expand your options to playing in any major scale only, and then transpose. Transposing is actually very easy. You just figure out what key it’s in, see how many half steps it is above (or below) C, and move all the notes that distance.

I had a similar (slightly more difficult in some sense) problem on the harmonica. I like playing standard bluesy, but I also like playing just regular (non-cross) songs, especially for my young sons. And I really don’t want to bend the appropriate notes. So what I’d do is find midi versions of songs I’d like, use Cakewalk to see these as sheet music, have Cakewalk transpose, and then check if all the notes were possible. Also, that allowed me to print out sheet music of what I wanted. Sounds difficult, but if you have Cakewalk or similar, it’s really not too bad. One of my faves is “Take on Me” by Aha, which actually uses the full 3 octaves of the harmonica.

Sorry I don’t have any specific songs, but there are literally millions out there that just use major-key notes. What styles do you like?

LOL songs that are public domain (read Legaly Free to own) and songs I can play by ear… lol

Hmmmm. I wasn’t intending to suggest anything illegal. I’m a pretty strong supporter of IP-rights.

I guess now I’m even more confused though. If you’re interested in playing by ear, why not just find songs you like and learn them by ear? If you’re decent at that, transposing isn’t much of an effort.

And I still don’t know what kind of music you want. Classical? Children’s songs? Christmas tunes? Your requirement for songs in the public domain severely limits your access to most popular things, but still doesn’t narrow down your interests.

well, Id rather say the type of music I Want is public domain, and take all pieces that come through that filter…

Take me out to the ballgame? Happy Birthday? Ode to Joy?

Why do you care about public domain? Unless you’re planning to become a professional ocarina player, you won’t have to worry about paying royalties to copyright holders. I agree with Bill H., just learn to play stuff by ear, rather than looking for PD sheet music on the Internet that’s in C major.