Songs that always make you wanna mosh

Inspired by this thread.

Things that always make me wanna jump around/mosh even when I am not at a concert are divided into these:

Songs that have “Oy! Oy!” parts you can pump your fist to:
– Godspeed by Anberlin. My current favorite and I’m seeing them next weekend!
– Half of Dropkick Murphys stuff

Punk songs that have a buildup to a heavy part that you can burst out with jumping and going wild when it happens:
– 10 Minutes to Downtown by the Get Up Kids
– At Your Funeral by Saves the Day

“Unsung” by Helmet
“Sex-Type Thing” by Stone Temple Pilots

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” - Nirvana

I *did * mosh in the nineties. :smiley:

Green Day - “American Idiot”

Ozzy - “Crazy Train”

“Vasoline” - STP

There’s tons more, but Nirvana never fails to help me get my mosh on.

“March of the Pigs” - NIN…been there, done that, could stand up and get my ass kicked to it still today :slight_smile:

I saw them recently and they had the gnarliest mosh pit I’ve seen in 10 years. They practically define “OY! OY! OY!”.

I gotta go with God Save The Queen, Anarchy In The UK, Lust for Life (diminished somewhat due to ubiquitous TV commercials) and Blitzkrieg Bop. Yeah, I’m into the classics.

“5 Minutes Alone” - Pantera

Methinks Electrical Storm doesn’t know what moshing is.

“Somebody Put Something In My Drink” by The Ramones.

I’m old, you see.

“Self Esteem” by Offspring.

They actually played that at a ROTC Military Ball, and since we engineering majors didn’t have any dates, we moshed. Good time.

I don’t mosh, but “Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello really gets me going. I can’t stop my feet.

“Jump Around” - House of Pain

I saw NiN in a small club back when “Pretty Hate Machine” came out and HOLY SHIT! :eek: The pit was intense as hell and I was really glad to have worn my steel toe boots that night even though it was hotter than hell. I was the only chick in the pit and it was fun, fun, fun!

If I tried to do that now I’d be in the hospital. Ah, the good old days…

Ministry- N.W.O.

‘New Friend Request’ by Evergreen Terrace is my favourite song to be rockin out to right now… aaaaaamazing!

Where Eagles Dare - Misfits

Or anything by the Misfits. I loved the mosh pit.

I’ve never “moshed”, but Stealing People’s Mail and I Kill Children make me wanna slam.

Most stuff by the Ramones, the Misfits, NIN, Bad Religion and Ministry.

Ramones especially. My first experience in the pit, first stage dive, first crowd surfing, etc. All thanks to the Ramones.

Craziest pit I’ve ever been in was definitely NIN. I was sore for days after.

Gotta go with Dropkick Murphys and Bad Religion too.

I saw them both last September, and was right up front. It was SO worth the bruises.

“It’s A Fact” by the Vandals
“Stickin’ In My Eye” by NOFX

Galaxy 500 by the Reverend Horton Heat.

Mother - Danzig