Songs that grew on you, or, A Flock of Seagulls ain't that bad...

With apologies to Wildest Bill.

Remember those songs you hated, but somehow like now? No. Well, humor me…

“Wondering Where the Lions Are” - Bruce Cockburn -With a name made for adolescent jokes and lyrics them seemed silly at the time, I have come to enjoy this one.

“I Ran (so far away)” - A Flock of Seagulls - And I thought I had bad hair! “Space Age Love Song” still sucks, though.

“Positively 4th Street” - Bob Dylan - Ole’ Bobby’s voice is still hard to take in large amounts, but about 15 years ago, this song became reality for me and an ex-friend almost down to the letter. Thanks, and apologies, Mr. Zimmerman.

“I Know What Boys Like” - The Waiteresses - Originally struck me as the epitome of bad new wave. Recent repeated showings of the video on VH1 Classics (that’s a rant in itself), I can’t help but smile at the lead singer’s (now dearly departed) lame, but effective attempts at flirting.

Carry on (my wayward son).

Sorry 'bout that.

When “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls came out, I thought it was the most obnoxious song ever written. I still think it’s pretty bad, but a few friends and I did a parody of the Spice Girls for a talent contest a while back, and now whenever I hear that song, it reminds me of that and it does not irk me quite as much. “Wonderwall” by Oasis used to annoy me, but now I just kind of like it. I don’t know why though. Weird.

Personally, I’d say you have that backwards, as Space Age Love Song kinda encapsulates those first few minutes of infatuation nicely. “And for a little while I was falling in love.” Hey, that’s pretty neat and all, but what about after that little while? Find out she prefer bald guys?

Hey y’know when I was a little kid and was practising (and failing sigh)to be a Cool Kid. I grandly and theatrically despised “Too Shy” by er…Kajagoogoo.

But now I hear it all these years later and I think “hey! that isn’t so bad!” <shame and embarrassment abounds>

And I think I am the only person alive who admits to really liking a Flock of Seagulls. I have always loved Wishing (a photograph of you)I don’t care about being unpopular! :slight_smile:

Hall and Oates are just not that bad, anymore. They remind me of the good old 1980’s, when things were so uncomplicated. I wish I could go back there again, and everything would be the same…

(there is a song in the above text - does anyone know it?)

“Ticket to the Moon”, ELO, from “Time.” :slight_smile:

When I first heard “Don’t You Want Me” by Human League I thought it was the stupidest, most banal piece of pop fluff I’d ever heard. Now…eh, makes me nostalgic, of course. It’s still a crap song, but I like it a lot more now.

Right you are on all counts in your post. It was the OP’s name, “Mr Blue Sky”, that made me think of it.

And now for something slighty more recent…

OPM. Heaven is a Half-Pipe.

The first time I heard this, it just sounded - well, it’s hard to describe. I didn’t like it at all, not because it’s a bad song (it’s not), just because it GRATED. Since then, the British radio stations and TV music channels have played it to death. I must hear this song a good few times a day, and I no longer wish to scream when I hear it.

I don’t know if it’s grown on me, or if I’ve just become numb to it…

Let’s see… I was in college when Boys II Men came on the scene. I was a total 80s metal kid and I didn’t really care much for anything that wasn’t on Rikki Rachtman’s Headbanger’s Ball. (Pearl Jam and Nirvana hadn’t even made a mark on the scene yet.) One night driving back from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale with a bunch of friends after a wild Xmas break, our driver turned up the volume on Boys II Men to try to stay awake. Without the option of switching stations and with everyone else in the car singing “Motownphilly” at the top of their lungs, I considered my options: bail out on I-95 and hope for a miracle, murder my carmates and hide the bodies, or… just sit back and enjoy the damn song. Well, it turned out the latter was the most feasible, and as a result a song I’d hated from the word ‘go’ ended up being a minor fave. I still turn up the radio and sing along when it comes on now, remembering that night and those wild and wacky college days… Ahh bliss… And it’s a fun song, anyway.
Other songs I hated at first but like now:

The Real Slim Shady - Eminem

Where’s the Love? - Hanson (shoot me now, please! lol)

No Rain - Blind Melon

Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns - Mother Love Bone (I hated Andrew Wood’s vocals for years. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve fallen in love with this song. It sorta grew on me after a while.)

The Hunt - New Model Army. The original Celtic pop tune took getting used to after listening to Sepultura’s thrash metal cover for so many years.

Don’t Come Around Here No More - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (MTV introduced this to me and I will forever hate the medium for making me associate this with Alice in Wonderland. It gave me the creeps, watching those scenes. It wasn’t until I got the Greatest Hits CD years later that I realized what a beautiful song it was… but I still can’t get that Alice thing out of my head. ~shudder~ Conversely, I liked “Into the Great Wide Open” because of the vid - Johnny Depp as a rock star, remember? On its own the song’s kinda bland. Oh well… Fair trade, huh?)