Songs you love that everyone else hates...

Okay, I’ll admit it. I like Copacabana. I like lots of Barry Manilow songs. And “On top of the world” by the Carpenters, as well as “Close to you” and lots of others by them. I love lots of the cheesy, cornball, sappy stuff. Bring it on!
Anyone else? Any other songs?


I like those songs, too. Nice to meet someone who likes good music. Also, I like the Bee Gees and ABBA. Long live disco!

That’s it… get out!


Whenever I listen to Portishead in the office, I’m constantly hearing, “Turn that sh*t off!”, “G-d, she sounds like she’s dying.”, and “Make the hurting stop!” from my colleagues.

I just think they need to eat me. :slight_smile:

The BeeGees! Yes! And ABBA! Makes me remember “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” Loved that movie.

‘Seasons In The Sun’ - Terry Jacks. Really. I can’t believe how reviled this song is. I think it’s beautiful, if not quite as earth shatteringly beautiful as I did when I was 8…

I love ‘This One’s For You’ by Teddy Pendergrass, it’s an old Barry Manilow song too.


Alone Again (Naturally) by Gilbert O’Sullivan. I saw someone dissing this song here a few weeks ago, I love it.

…and I love ‘Seasons in the Sun’!

I just listened to Alone Again (Naturally) on Morpheus! Too funny!

In my Napsterizing heyday, I found all those hideous old '70s songs I love and was a downloading fool.

Some choice downloads:
Kung Fu Fighting
Rocky (I’ve Never Been In Love Before)
The Night Chicago Died
In the Ghetto
Undercover Angel
Copacabana (naturally!)
Playground in My Mind (My Name is Michael)
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat and I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family
Pat Boone’s cover of Panama (could there be a more deliciously horrible song in the whole world?)
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
and …
I Do The Rock by Tim Curry.

And from the modern era: Who Let the Dogs Out? It cracks me up every time. Woof! Woof-woof-woof-woof.

I like most of the Residents songs, but my roomates find it so abrasive that I’m not allowed to play them when they are home.
My boyfriend can’t tolerate them when I play them in my car, so I usually end up listening to them only when I’m alone :frowning:

I have really varied musical tastes- I noticed the other day I had “Air Supply” across from “Iron Maiden” in my CD case- I own the Priscilla Queen of the Desert soundtrack and Abba Gold. I also really like Metallica, and Gun’s and Roses always brings back the few pleasant memories of early high school that I have. Today at work I was listening to a CD of movie songs that included the theme song from MASH (suicide is painless).
I love the Chieftains and Loreena McKennit. I regularly listen to a group called Anonymous Four- they have an album of music composed by Hildegard Von Bingen in (I believe) the 15th century. I am not a big fan of country, but I do own and listen to “Patsy Cline’s greatest hits” I also enjoy Madonna.
As an aside… my exboyfriend once stated that most of the music that he liked was not the stuff that “most gay people” listned to. I brought up his “carpenters” CD. He was adamant that that did not qualify. That night when we were at Backstreets (an Atlanta gay bar) they played a dance mix of “Why do Birds Suddenly Appear” I thought I would die!

I like Copacabana, Seasons in the Sun, Cats in the Cradle, Space Ghost songs, cartoon theme songs, Kung Fu Fighting, hill billy banjo music, ect.

Tainted Love by SoftCell
Hotel California by The Eagles
All Jimmy Buffett songs

I’m not sure everyone hates these, but I’ve heard rumors.

HEY! WHAT THE HELLS WRONG WITH JIMMY BUFFET, SOFTCELL AND EAGLES??? …and “Cats in the Cradle” is one of my all time favorites! They don’t belong in this thread!
Me… sigh… though I wouldnt say LOVE… I like Vanilla Ice “ice ice baby” and Hansons “MmmmBop”… kill me now ask questions later.

…oh… also Neil Diamond and Abba!! flees arms flailing, off to gnutella

add to my list:

Funky Town by LipSync (sp?)
Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Whammo, I luv ABBA so much!

Any Neil Diamond pre “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”.
Any Carpenters. Karen had my range (alto) and I love to belt them out with her even though my voice could probably stop paint from drying. [sub]Okay, its not that bad. I can hit the notes, it just doesn’t sound real good.[/sub]

And if we’re talking about songs I like that my husband hates, well, that opens up a whole range of music, mostly R&B and cheesy pop:

Janet Jackson
Missy Elliott
Destiny’s Child etc.

He despises “ditties” (as he calls them) and goes straight for substance. Substance, schmubstance, I say! :smiley:

70’s AM Gold is the best.

I was raised on that stuff. Oh man, I love it. Carpenters, Manilow, Sonny & Cher, Seals & Crofts, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce…sigh. I love it all.

I also have a real thing for 70’s & 80’s one-or-two hit wonders. Tears for Fears, Spandau Ballet, 'til tuesday, Mr. Mister, that sort of thing. My all-time favorite one-hit-wonder, though, is David Essex “Rock On.” I could listen to that song all freaking day!

“Seasons in the Sun,” on the other hand…well, that song just completely blows goats. There’s only one song worse than that one, but I won’t name it because you guys are my friends, and I know that if I name it you’ll start hearing the tune in your heads, and I’ll wake up in the morning surrounded by screaming Dopers carrying flaming torches and demanding my painful, bloody death. :eek:

I really can’t help lovin’ “That’s the Way it is” by Celine Dion. It is a boppy song.

In a bizarre way, Celine was “selling out” on that song, giving up her signature torchy ballad ways to record what for all intents and purposes was a “boy band” song. Think about it.

I’m not saying that this makes the song more respectable…but it is interesting.

I also love Whitney Huston’s version of I will always love you.

:hangs head in shame:


I’m not saying that “MMMBop” is a good song, but it had a powerful Pavlovian effect on me. When I heard it, I was nine years old again, in Jen Clarke’s house, with the wind blowing the curtains in at her windows as she took out her prized Leif Garret album and put it on the stereo. I didn’t like him either, but that was such a magical time, looking at Seventeen and wondering what we’d look like when we had boobs (I found out the next year; she had to wait). Overapplying nail polish and perfume because they were the only cosmetics we were allowed to wear. “Helping” her mom paint the house, which meant slowly, slowly, chipping the old paint out of the stairway, while performing in our self-written, self-directed, self produced drama: The Tennessee Bitches. (Don’t ask.)

Anyway. It wasn’t the song itself, but the beat, and those prepubescent voices, and most of all the crowd noise they mixed in. (I think the Backdoor Boys did the same thing in one of their songs). That fizz of cheering and open-air reverb sent me to the town square on the Fourth of July, where Second Offense, whoever they were, except that they were the first live band I ever heard, performed for an hour and brought me out of the basement of show tunes and Schoolhouse Rock.

[Towelie]Oh man…Ah am so high…Ah have no idea what’s going on…[/Towelie]

Compared to 70s drivel like “One Tin Soldier”, “Shannon”, and “Chevy Van”, Terry Jacks’ “Seasons in the Sun” looks like Mozart’s greatest masterpiece. In other words, it’s a rather mediocre song that gets lumped in with the many atrocious hits of the 70s–guilt by association.

It is a travesty that anyone could possibly consider “Shannon” less annoying than “Seasons in the Sun”.