Songs that make you wish your radio was louder

Currently, it’s the latest Foo Fighters song. It starts off with him kinda whispering, so when the first heavy riff hits, I crank it up. Then, towards the end, the second big bang hits, and I damned near pop off the knob because my radio just WON’T GO ANY LOUDER!!!
My other big guilty pleasure, Guitar Wolf always makes me wish my speakers went up to eleven. Sure, I could buy better speakers for my car, but somehow, I don’t think they’ll ever be loud enough.
So, what songs/music makes you wish you could crank it up farther than it goes?

Hold Your Head Up, by Argent (?) is a good eleven song for me.

Get Over It by OK Go

Magic Carpet Ride, especially the intro

Spare Parts and Broken Hearts by Springsteen

Paint it, Black. Rolling Stones.

Carmina Burana. Carl Orff.

maybe the Foo does that a lot. The first album’s For all the cows was like that too, really mellow in the verse, then makes you want to rip the stereo apart in the chorus.

I’m with ya on the Guitar Wolf note Elvis. My sig on another message board is a Guitar Wolf quote: “Love knows no boundaries, race or gender… ROCK & ROLL!!”

Turn Up The Radio, by Autograph (well, obviously!)

Metal Gods, by U.D.O. - the Judas Priest version is cool, but Herr Dirkschneider makes it his own! Not only do I crank it, but I roll down all the windows and drive through the Yuppie part of town. :slight_smile:

There are others, but can’t think of any right now…

Heavy Metal Drummer — Wilco

Earth, Wind, and Fire’s Let’s Groove.

the 4:33 by John Cage comes to mind.

Tool’s ‘Parabola’ always has me turning my radio up to its maximum volume.

Ha ha! Elvis, “All My Life” was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the thread title. :slight_smile:

I would like to add “Prayer” by Disturbed.