Songs that mention import cars

“Belvedere Cruising”, Weird Al’s first song to be played on the Dr Demento show, mentions a bunch of other cars, including imports Porsche, VW, and Datsun.

Hey ladies
Ooo you crazies
Well me and zero
Request you in the Mercedes

IIRC they said in an interview that the Mercedes was an old clunker.

How about a retooling of an American song (Little GTO) for a German car (GTI) in an American ad but sung in German?

Kleine GTI…

To this day, I cannot say the word “Maserati” without the obligatory “…does one-eighty-five…”

Blue Oyster Cult had a song called Maserati GT

They also had one called ME 262, but that weren’t no car! But I guess you could call it an ‘Import’.

Mentions of Maserati remind me of this:

Hard Loving Loser

This post could just as well belong in that other thread about songs with you-know-what innuendo.

C.W. McCall, Convoy:
…and eleven long-haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse microbus

Of course microbus was referring to a VW type 2 back then, no doubt about it.

What import car does this song mention?

The hip hop classic Yeah! by Usher and Lil John mentions Jaguar and Rolls Royce

If we’re talking about songs from the perspective of non-Americans, there’s “Black Lincoln Continental” by Graham Parker, covered nicely by Nick Lowe.

Shake that cocktail and follow the road
The doors are locked and the windows are closed
There’s only one way to the American dream
They’re awaiting your arrival in a big limousine

There was Pebbles’ “Mercedes Boy”: If you want to ride in my Mercedes, boy

Another one was Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”: Rockman lovers driving Lamborghinis

The Beach Boys song “Our Car Club” 2nd verse. . .

“We got a Deuce Coupe, a Stingray, a rail job, and an XKE”

Here’s one about the Yugo.

Travelling in a fried out Combi. Men at Work.

REO Speedwagon

Don’t Let Him Go

He’s got plenty of cash
He’s got plenty of friends
He drives women wild
Then he drives off in a Mercedes-Benz
He’s got a long wick with a flame at both ends
He’s hot

NWA - Fuck tha police had
“me and Lorenzo rollin’ in the Benzo”

In Weird Al’s song “Bob”, where every line is a palindrome, he states

“A Toyota’s a Toyota”