Songs that most need videos but don't have one

I was listening to Dolly Parton’s version of Those Were the Days. This song contains many cameo voices (no idea if they were in the same recording studio/same time as Dolly or mixed in separately), but they include many Grand Ole Opry greats and former Dolly duet partners like Emmylou Harris. Most surprising is that the lines

oh my friend/we’re older but no wiser/for in our hearts/the dreams are still the same

is sung as a duet twixt her and Porter Waggoner (which if you know anything about their history, they didn’t part amicably [though they seem to have buried the hatchet in recent years]).

Anyway, I was thinking how much this song could benefit from a video so that you can see who’s singing background/duet even if you can’t tell from the song, plus- since it’s a song about aging and old friends and the like- it would be ideal for a photo montage or even morphing of these legends.

Lots of older songs I’d love to see an official video for- George Harrison’s Let it Roll for example (for some reason it brings images of walking down a cold windy street in a run down but architecturally interesting part of a big city, which is odd since it’s completely about the designer/first owner of Harrison’s English mansion).

What songs would you like to see official videos for that currently lack one? (I won’t diss YouTube because some of the fanvids are really good, but it’s not the same.)

On a related note, I think a remix of White Rabbit with vintage clips from Alice (who even wore a rabbit costume on one episode) interspliced with new footage would work beautifully. Grace Slick agreed with me but then came to the production meeting with an assault rifle and wouldn’t talk except in haikus, and you wouldn’t believe how much Polly Holliday wanted to put her Flo wig back on and dance in a cage for the new footage. (Beth Howland was willing to do it for scale and even use her own leather mockup of the waitress outfit and use the cage in her own torture room.)

Dude… Can I have some of that?