Sonicare tooth brush?

Does anyone have a Sonicare toothbrush? I thought this would be a cheaper alternative to professional whitening, but I wanted some opions to help me justify spending $120 on a toothbrush. I understand that it’s guaranteed to whiten, but I need some hard proof.

Much Thanks.

I’ve had normal electric toothbrushes, normal brushes and a Sonicare. In my opinion the Sonicare gives by far the best results, and it is what I use. The Sonicare takes a little getting used to as it tickles at first, but it is very gentle on your gums whilst cleaning your teeth very well, it worked well on a coffee stain I tend to develop between my lower left front teeth. There does not seem to be any real reason to go for the higher priced options in the Sonicare product range, they all had the same frequency and brush heads. A built in timer was on all of them, the timer that tells you when to move to a different quadrent of the mouth seems completely useless as does any fancy charge measuring device, since you can feel when the charge is getting low.

I use a Sonicare tootbrush and it’s an excellent toothbrush but it’s primary purpose isn’t whitening, it’s gum stimulation and plaque removal. If you’re goal is whitening then get a bleaching agent or go get a professional whitening. If your’re goal is healthy gums and clean teeth, get a sonicare.

I like the quadrant timer thing. It makes sure you hit each section of your mouth equally, rather than spending too much time in one area at the expense of another. I’ve had mine for 3 years, and it seems to do a very nice job, it should help whiten your teeth a bit, but it won’t compare to a professional whitening job.

YMMV, void where prohibited.

I’ve had my sonicare for about a year and I love it. My teeth feel like they were professionally cleaned every time I use it. As far as whitening, I think it keeps the coffee stains at bay, but it doesn’t do much more than that. I use Crest white strips for whitening, which work very well for me, and I’ve noticed that I can go longer between applications since using the sonicare (about once a year).

Imo, it’s well worth the money.

Fantastic! Anything else is a false economy.

Also, last year I had a problem with one part and, as it was still under guarantee, phoned them. Before I’d put the part in the post for them to examine, a brand new entire toothbrush arrived in the post with the warranty beginning again. Impressed.

Btw, I don’t know if you have those little ‘te pe’ brushes for in between your teeth in the US but, in combination with the Sonicare, it’s all you need – a zillion times easier and better than flossing, imho.

Oh, I can’t help you with the whitening thing . . . too girlie. Outstanding for your teeth and gums, though. As already said.

Been using Sonicare for a few years. It was developed using technology pioneered at the University of Washington. Best electric toothbrush ever. $120 sounds a bit high to me. Doesn’t Costco sell it for a bit less? Regardless, the price is a bargain for your dental health.

Great item. I bought mine from a dentist on ebay maybe a year and a half ago. You change the head twice a year. Easy to take on trips. Holds a charge for 2 weeks or so. Not specifically deigned for whitening. :smiley:

We got ours at Costco for around $70; replacement heads are about $20.

Been using a Sonicare brush for a few months now, and it is indeed awesome as toothbrushes go.

Dunno about the whitening aspect, but I imagine it could apply liquid paper even more thoroughly than a regular brush could. Just clean the bristles thoroughly afterwards.

Just bought one last weekend. Holy cripes! I think I’m getting used to it now, but the first few times I used it the tickling sensation was unbearable and I was involuntarily giggling and spitting toothpaste all over the place!

Seems to do a good job, but too early to tell. Bought a “2-Pack” (2 units and 2 heads, one recharger base) at COSTCO for $99. has a clone of it, waterproof & rechargable for $19.95:
Ultrasonex SB300U Rechargeable Toothbrush with 3 Replacement Brush Heads.

People really liked it.

Exactly what I was about to say, only more concise and to the point.

The Ultrasonix toothbrushes work at roughly half the frequency of the Sonicare. So I chose the Soncare when buying, but that $19.99 on Amazon might have persuaded me differently if I was buying now.

From here:

Study: Most Electric Toothbrushes No Better than Manual Ones

About 55 million Americans use electric toothbrushes, but a new study finds that only one type works better than the old-fashioned, manual ones.

The Washington Post reports that electric toothbrushes with bristles that spin in both directions are the only ones that offer an advantage over the manual type. An example of that type is the Braun Oral-B device, made by Gillette Co. The company says Oral-B is used by 41 percent of electric toothbrush users.

The report was conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration of Oxford, England, which periodically issues studies on medical devices whose worth hasn’t been proven.

Other models studied included the Philips Sonicare, the Interplak, the Teledyne Aqua Tech, the Ultrasonex, the Rowenta Dentiphant and the Rowenta Plaque Dentacontrol Plus, the Post reported. They were “not worse, but they were just not any better” than manual brushes, said William Shaw, a professor of orthodontics at the University of Manchester who led the study.