Sonny & Cher Sketch About Fat People With the Phrase MMMMM

I seem to recall on the Sonny & Cher Show, (Or maybe it was the Cher Show, after she left Sonny)

They had a sketch where the people were really fat and whenever they made a reference in the sketch to food, all the people in the sketch would turn face the camera and say “mmmmmm” or “mmmmmm food,” or something on those lines.

Am I remembering right? Or was this another show? Or maybe it don’t exist except in my head?

If it was a sketch was it a one time shot or did it reoccur?

I recall a sketch on the Sonny and Cher show (they were definitely together) with “fat” people (It was really people wearing costumes that had sort of springy hoop-like things inside. Definitely not simply padding) that were eating a lot and rebounding off each other.

I don’t recall them going “MMmmmmm” all the time, but it’s possible they might have.

They’ve evidently done a few “fat” sketches. Look at shows #23 and #63 here:;paginator;3&season=3
Neither of these tally with my recollection, so I think there were other examples.

Probably no help here, but 30 Rock had an episode in which Jenna, having gotten fat eating pizzas in a stage play of “Mystic Pizza,” adopted the catchphrase of “Me want FOOOD!” It’s missing the “Mmmm,” though, which seems to be what you’re remembering.

I found one reference on YouTube, but no sketch. Evidently they did a sketch called “FatSmoke” instead of “Gunsmoke” and they used the “hoop type” fat clothes and the poster indicated they did go “mmmmm,” so perhaps this is what I recall