Sony e-reader preloaded with books that can't be read. Help?

My wife’s uncle bought her grandmother a Sony PRS-600 e-reader for her birthday. When he bought it at the Navy Exchange, it came preloaded with 24 books, and he synced it with his computer and bought another 12. But when you try to read any of the 24 books it came with, you get a no symbol and “protected page!” error. I tried syncing it to my computer with his e-mail and password, but it says that my computer is not authorized to view this content. Is there any way to unlock those 24 books?

Try Googling for the manufacturer’s website. They are likely to have some sort of “help files” or a way to ask technical questions.

Most of the books my e-reader (from Boarders) came with are in … German, I think. I didn’t get it for those freebies, so I never tracked down whether it’s a setting or a mistake, but it was weird. Everything else I put on there is from P. Gutenberg (man I love those Police Academy movies).