Sony Ericsson W710i help

Hi, I should note that this might seem stupid to alot of people, but I was having problems with my phone not archiving calls incoming or outgoing. I backed-up everything. Which end-up being only what was backed-up on my card. I’ve since learned to get what is on the phone’s internal memory you need to run something off the Sony Ericsson site called “PC suite”.

Anyway everything went back to it’s place except my animated wallpaper that came OEM on the phone and only this one picture got erased. I’ve tried to re-download it from Sony or somewhere else with no luck. So silly as it may be I was wondering if anyone out there might still own a Sony Ericsson W710i phone that has a wallpaper titled “backlight” (I think). I don’t know what I can offer except my gratitude.
Thanks for reading…

If my 810i had it , I cant find it. Right now I am recharging my w300 and then I will post back if I have it on that.


Just checked both phones and nada, the closest that I seen is a theme called clublight. If its a stock sony graphic and not a carrier based graphic then you might want to google the themes , instead of just the graphics.


Have you checked with the folks here? From what other Dopers have said, its pretty much the place for cellphone help.

Tuck ,I am on Hofo and they will pretty much tell you to google it.


Well, I’m only going off of memory here with the name of it , so I’ll describe the graphic.
It was an animated gif from what I could tell (it pulsed) It looked pretty-much like something sci-fi -ish.
I know this sounds extremely geeky, but it kind of looked like the inside the round cockpit window of the Millenium Falcon -you know the crappy spaceship that Han Solo flies in Star wars movies? Only where the “windows” in this image would be there is light pulsing on and off. The graphic is mostly black and white and the circular “window” shape is set at a slanted perspective or angle as to given a kind of depth to your phone screen. -very techy looking… thanks for trying guys.

btw- it comes on the phone from Sony and it’s always in the wallpaper folder.