Sophie Tucker

Where or how can I get a record of songs sung by Sophie Tucker, “The Last of the Red-hot Mommas?” I know she was recorded, as I heard this great voice on the radio and that’s who they said she was, Sophie Tucker. I remember she used to be on the Ed Sullivan Show.

There are several albums available at CD NOW:

Okay, sorry about that. Here is a good link:*SOPHIE/itemid=622957

Omigod, I looooove Sophie Tucker!

I’d suggest doing a name-search on Google. I’d also recommend getting her earlier (1920s–30s) records; in later years she started going all teary-eyed and singing about What a Great World It Is (though she did do some great filthy stuff, too, like “Sophie’s Matrimonial Mart”).

I have two record albums (remember them?) of hers, with songs like “My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes,” “Makin’ Wikki-Wakki Down in Wakiki,” “You Gotta See Mamma Every Night (Or You Can’t See Mamma At All”) and of course her theme song, “Some of These Days.”

Ah, Soph!