Sopranos 4/25

Not sure I understand why the call was put out for Tony B’s hit. Was it just to send a message? Was it the same hit being discussed over dinner at the first part of the show? I thought they were talking about the target being a woman during that conversation.

Previews for next week make it look like things are really going to get rolling (of course we’ve been down that road before - cliff hanger preview leads to sleeper episode).

At the very end when Tony was limping back to his car, did anyone else notice something moving thorugh the bushes on the far right side? It could have been a dog or something, nut it looked more like a dolly? Anyone?

I didn’t catch it but I’ll check it out on tape or a rerun. As for the hit, I do recall them talking about a woman, but maybe they meant it was revenge for the hit against the woman (naked, running through the house from the shower) a few episodes ago.

As for my take on the episode, I saw the Tony-Carmela thing coming a mile away but still was kind of rooting for it. And I thought for sure that Hugo (Carmela’s dad) was going to accidentally going to off someone with that Baretta.

To the OP:

Tony B’s hit was in response to the hit on a woman from many weeks ago – the guy tony shot chased her through the house naked and then shot her.

To Joey: Yes. I noticed it. I pointed it out ot my wife. neither of us had any idea what it was. I kind of assumed it was a dolly. It looked a little like someone with a really big baby stroller. I don’t think it was there to make us think “uh oh, someone witnessed this” because Tony B didn’t pay any attention to it. I think it was just a mistake.

One thing that’s always bugged me about the Sopranos: aren’t there any competent police in New Jersey? When Tony B beat hell out of the Korean guy, and left him to die or bleed or whatever in the business that they were working on together? How could they not tie an ex-con to this in a NY minute? And last night, just before the hit, you saw all of the cigarette butts that he was chain smoking and dropping outside of his car? That points to a stakeout and a hit and their’s going to be a DNA trail on all of those butts pointing right at Tony B. It just seems that no one ever gets caught or prosecuted (save Junior) for the dumb stuff that they do out in the open every day.

Help me with the meaning of the word “gavone.” I think the context of it was an unassimilated, culturally insular Italian-American, as opposed to someone who is more assimilated in mainstream American culture.

I think “gavone” means pig. Correct me if I’m wrong.

it looked like someone pushing a shopping cart down the road (homeless people
generally do this as they walk around looking for returnable cans and bottles).


According to my fiancee who comes from a large Italian family, the proper spelling is “cafone”, even though it’s pronounced like “gavone” – the literal translation is something like “boor” in English. It’s not so much a term used for unassimilated immigrants or anything like that, but much more of an insult – I always substitute in “[poor] white Italian trash” whenever I hear her family members use the word to describe someone.

In that case, I assumed the Korean businessman didn’t report the assault. He is well aware of who Tony Soprano is (he mentioned that he only hired Tony B because he needed Tony Soprano’s help with the union).

If I recall correclty, and it’s very possible I don’t as I was in an allergy-medicine induced haze, the movement of the ‘thing’ was too smooth to be someone walking with a shopping cart.

I, too, wondered what it was but forgot until I read this thread.

I guess this is plausible if the guy lived, but I thought that he might have died from those injuries.

Gavonne, or cafone, depending on where you are from, I believes means someone who is starving to death - and so eats like a pig. From that you get an image of being boorish, uneducated, dub and basically low class. But it is definitely an insult (but can be used jokingly), and is usually food related.

About 10 years ago, our maddening local daily, The Omaha World-Herald, published an article from about a suburban police department Back East( I believe it was NJ or Upstate NY) that was being sued by an “overqualified” applicant.
The Weird Herald never published a follow-up and I lacked Internet access back then, so I don’t know the outcome.

It seems that the hiring authority there told this guy that because of his straight-A academic record in pre-Law, he was obviously “just looking for a place to hang out” until NYC, the FBI, or some other big-time enforcement agency picked him up.

Locally, a representative of my local suburban Barney Fifery told kids at a 1998 high school career night that police scholarship money was available for those who scored 23 or LOWER on the ACT exam.

In that 36 is a perfect score and 19 is the minimum admissions requirement at the Lincoln School of Sports, otherwise known as the Big Red, 23 or lower is “dumber than a box of rocks” territory.

I think that the “Sopranos” writers know more about the real world than, say, the “CSI” writers do.

Also, the cops may be paid off the mob. It isn’t unheard of to have crooked cops looking the other way during mob hits, leaving the FBI to straighten it all out.

I don’t remember this at all. Woman, naked, running through house? What was the context? Which episode? I also didn’t understand the conversation about the hit. The hit was supposed to be on “not a friend of ours” but rather on a “friend of a friend” of ours. (not a “friend of ours” meaning not a mafioso? or meaning not a friendly mafioso? Usually a “friend of ours” just means someone else in the mob, I think) Was the hit on the man (I forget his name), and the woman was killed just because she was there? Or…

(Going by memory) About 3-4 episodes ago, there was a scene with a woman and her bodyguard, in a bar. They put here in a chair and were going to killer. She offered to perform oral sex on the guys if they’d just let her go. Then one of the crew, I think it might have been the lieutenant that Tony went after this week, fired a shot into a phone book over her heart. The phone book was to “muffle the shot”, but the gun wasn’t sufficient caliber to go through the book. She wet herself and the one crew all laughed. The woman was in a crew run by Little Carmine, the other crew was Johnny Sack’s. A week or so after that they showed the same woman in the shower and she called for her bodyguard (lover?) to hand her a towel. Only it wasn’t her bodyguard handing her the towel. She was chased, naked, through her home and shot dead. They also showed that the bodyguard was already killed. This is all a war that’s erupting in the void created by Carmine’s departure. My take is that Tony S is going to have to step in, eventually, and settle the mess created when he didn’t help Johnny Sack become the boss. This probably explains the “not a friend of ours” comment. Another interesting aspect is that now Tony B is on one side and Paulie Walnuts is on the other side.

As for the younger girl who was shot in the last episode she was just a prostitute who happened to get a ride home from the wrong guy.

The woman was Lorraine Caluzzo, the shylock/loan shark. She was killed because she wasn’t kicking money up to Johnny Sack. IIRC it was the same episode where Feech got sent back to prison. The guy who killed her (Joey something-or-other :)) was Phil Leotardo’s bodyguard/driver. Joey was the one that got whacked at the end of the last episode.

IANA mob expert, but I believe the “friend of a friend of ours” comment means that Joey something-or-other was not a made man. My impression is that Little Carmine wanted to exact some revenge and send a message to Johnny Sack without provoking a full-scale war, which would have happened if Tony B had killed Phil Leotardo, who is a made guy. As for the prostitute, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

From HBO’s Mob Speak

I got the impression she was a Captain…but I don’t know. Are women ever made Capos?