Sopranos 5/7 - getting better

Usually Diogenes is the Sopranos thread master but I guess I got here first. Well, all I can say is that this episode has been better than the previous ones - we’re finally getting some tension. And I’m glad we’ve had a whole episode without Vito or Johnnycakes (although it looks like the next one will feature them.) I like Paulie’s story arcs, he’s such a great character, and it doesn’t look good for Christopher - he’s going to pay for what he did, somehow.

I know it’s the character she’s playing (Liz LaCerva hasn’t had an easy life - especially lately), but man, did Patty (The Bad Seed) McCormack look rough. I remember her too on “The Ropers” - she was a looker.


I DVR’d and won’t be able to watch for another 90 minutes or so.

But I’m a “read the last chapter” kinda guy anyway, so come on with spoilers people!!!

Seriously, Argent, you liked this episode? This is the only ep which I felt was a waste of time. Chase is inserting a lot of loose ends that seem to be leading to any number of bad fates befalling the Soprano and DiMeo families.

I don’t think Chrissy is long for this world. Paulie is a pressure cooker this season; he’s gonna explode at some point.

Odd episode. At first I loved the idea of us actually seeing Chris confess to Tony about Adriana but then I was confused. He didn’t tell Tony enough to justify what Tony did (specifically call Ade and say Chris tried to kill himself).

Also, stealing wine at $5 a bottle?

Another slow episode.

A little instant karma for Paulie in this episode, but not as much as he deserves. I think Chris wants out. Or he wants something he’s nervous about telling Tony, anyway, because he had that nervous “I want to tell you something” face going for at least half the episode.

I have to say I also loved the Christopher scene at the feast. It was really sad to see him there, all alone while everyone around him is having fun (and right after he got married, no less) - I knew he was in trouble as soon as he took that first sip of wine. The music they picked fit perfectly with the tone of that scene. Christopher has always been my favorite character, and not just because my girlfriend claims that I look like Michael Imperioli - I always cringe to see Christopher get characterized as an idiot and a jerk by people talking about the show. I find him to be the most human of all the characters, and the most flawed. He’s definitely going to be a tragic figure by the end of this show.

Christopher probably isn’t much dumber than many of the other characters, he just has a way of drawing attention to it. Anyway, I liked most of his scenes tonight. The highlight was something he said to Tony right before the flashback, where he implied Tony would be a good influence on his kid. It does make him very human when he’s that naïve.

Did we see the Christopher’s new wife at any point ever before? I don’t think I did. It seemed rather odd and random to marry him off just like that.

What is it with Tony? Does he want Chrissy to fall apart? Is he jealous or what? Maybe Chris’s family life will be better than Tony’s, but only if he stays sober. Looks like Tony doesn’t want that.

Can Chris afford that house? It looked bigger than Tony’s.

Loved Janice in the neck brace. When the little girl started crying, looking at the rides, I was sure Janice was thinking emotional trauma. “She’ll never be able to look at a carnival ride again without reliving that terrible accident!”

I like Bobby and Paulie at each other’s throats. :slight_smile:

Best thing this eppy had going for it was they let Vito and the Johnnycakes rest. I can’t even remember a line worthy of the Line of the Week label.

Christopher is so screwed up. I have the same question as CapnPitt - where in the hell did this girl come from? I have no memory of ever seeing her before. He’s also one hell of a real estate negotiator as well :rolleyes:

I think she was his date at Johnny Sack’s daughters wedding, but we really haven’t seen her as a character until tonight.

I thought this was a good episode. I enjoyed the humor in the beginning, and it finally felt like some story lines were being moved forward…

I agree with a previous poster that it seemed like Christopher had something he wanted to ask Tony. Maybe he’s just wishing he hadn’t gotten married so quickly.

Interesting development w/ Tony and Phil cutting a deal that leaves Johnny out of the loop. That’s a slippery slope that I think will really propel things forward as far as a possible power grab in New York.

The Tony and Phil thing was interesting but somewhat annoying. The last episode they were almost at each other’s throats.

I’m calling it right now: Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series: Michael Imperioli.

Finally…I’ve been waiting all season for the writers to seriously address Chris’s character regarding the death of Adrianna. The flashback was very intense, brought back disturbing memories of Long Term Parking. I REALLY want them to develop this thread further.

Paulie is great, I love his character.

So far the season has been fairly quiet. While admittedly I haven’t enjoyed the Johnnycakes stuff that much, the rest if the season has been going well. Some people complain that it’s slowing down…and of course Tony complains this week as well. He feels his life is getting boring. We can’t expect these aging mobsters to be doing all the wacking they’ve done earlier. They just want to live the rest of their lives peacefully, and happily…

Of course like hell that will happen. Some major event will happen soon…I guarantee it.

The flashback of Chris telling Tony about Ade: had we seen that scene before, or was this the first time?

First time. In “Long Term Parking”, we just saw Christopher stopping at a gas station, seeing some mullet-wearing family, and looking overwhelmed. So it seemed somewhat plausible when Silvio told Adrianna that Christopher had taken an overdose and was in the hospital. It wasn’t until he pulled into the Pine Barrens that the penny dropped.

Chris just got married to someone he hasn’t known for very long at all. He only proposed marriage after finding out she was pregnant. His star employee is a junky and doesn’t seem all that interested in Chris’ personal life, but Chris goes on about how he’ll be at the new house and see his kid. He’s all alone during the feast; his only companion is a stray dog. In short, he’s got absolutely nobody truly close to him except Tony.

So much of this episode dealt with the past. We even got a flashback, which is somewhat rare on this show. Tony and Chris talk about all the times they’ve had. Performing an impromptu robbery brings back memories of the good ol’ days, but I sense some sort of desperate grasping at the past when Tony constantly mocks the “We’re with the Vipers!” guy. He remembers previous times like that with some fondness, but seems to realize that the theft was merely an echo of a past age. He’s already turned it into a “Hey, remember that time with the Vipers” thing. He’s trying so hard to see it as current, but already talks about it as if it were an old story.

(It reminds me of when a group of old friends get together after they’ve all gone off to college and / or gotten careers. They’ll reminisce. And if something funny or amazing happens, they’ll see it in light of their memories together. But they all know that things have moved on. Childhood is over, and that’s just a last hurrah.)

Overall, his viewpoint has shifted from “what times we’ll have”, through “what times we’re having”, all the way to, “what times those were”.

was it just me, or did anyone else think the actress they picked for Mrs Chris looks a lot like Meadow?

I thoght so too, especially from the side.