Sorry folks, I just gotta play!

Pebbles & BamBam on a Friday night…


What Pebbles and BamBam do on Friday night is none of my business.

[mo syslack]whhhaaaaaaaa?[/mo syslack]

Whatever they do (get stoned?), I’m sure it ROCKS.

“Don’t rock now. Because our love has grown stone cold.”

o/ And let the sun shine iiiiiin! Take it with a grin! Open up your heart and let the sun shine in! o/

[insert realy confused smily here]
Did I miss something?

Oh. I see I did miss something. Well, carry on.

You’re too young to remember that episode, Axe man.

Ever hear the whole song?

Imagine that sung in the cutest sing-songy little girl’s voice evar. First time I heard it, I thought “wow, that’s fucked up.”

Of course, Pebbles and Bam-Bam didn’t sing the whole thing on the Flintstones.