Ye Olde Tyme TV Showe Name That Tune

I don’t know why I woke up with this song in my head, but there it was. And then other songs joined it. They’re having a nice little tea party up in there. There’s plenty of space in there. If you place the theme with the show, then do it. And add another.

  1. Where Indian fights are colorful sights
    And nobody takes a lickin’
    Where Paleface and Redskin both turn chicken.

  2. Everyone loves the king of the sea
    Ever so kind and gentle is he
    Tricks he will do when children appear
    How they all laugh whenever he’s near

  3. Phoebe Figallily is a silly name
    And so many silly things keep happening
    What is the magic thing about nanny?
    Is it love or is it magic?

  4. Streaks on the china never mattered before
    Who cares?
    When you drop kicked your jacket as you came through the door
    No one glared.

  5. Some walk by night
    Some fly by day
    Nothing can change you
    Set and sure of the way.

People let me tell ya bout my Best Friend…
He’s a warm hearted person, who’ll love you to the end.

F-Troop, unless I’m mistaken. And Flipper.

Any guidelines as to what shows can and can’t be thrown in? Seems like you’re going for an older-show vibe…

Yeup to both. And you can throw in whatever you want.

I was going to throw in
A pretty brunette, a willowy blonde
Blonde or brunette, she’s lovely!

and that’s not even a TV show.
DrMemory, that’s The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. I always thought Eddie was Mrs. Livingstone’s son.

I think #3 is “Nanny and the Professor”

How about this one:

Once upon a summertime,
just a dream from yesterday,
a boy and his magic golden flute,
heard a boat from on the bay…

HR Pufnstuf
He’s your friend when things get rough
HR Pufnstuf
Can’t do a little, 'cause you can’t do enough

Oh crap. That’s gonna be stuck in my head all day.

“The Nanny and the Professor” and “Moonlighting.”

Look at what’s happened to me
I can’t believe it myself.

Greatest American Hero.

“His brain’s overloading/
it has a chocolate coating.”

shakes fist at DrMemory

Curse you! That song! It’s like taffy!

Mr. Belvedere

There’s no one in the world like you, changing every minute
Somthing about your smile has a touch of magic in it

Whether we’re talking man to man
Or whether we’re talking son to son.
'Cause he’s my best friend.
La lalalalala lalalalala.

I figure if I finish it, it’ll be finished with me.

Here’s another few:

Keeping your head above water
Making a wave when you can.

Set a course for adventure
Your mind on a new romance.

Can two men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

…the LOVE BOAT soon will be making another run…
Here’s a somewhat obscure one:

Children of the Sun
See your time has just begun
Searching for your ways
Through adventures everyday

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

There’s a holdout in the Bronx,
Brooklyn’s broken out in fights,
There’s a traffic jam in Harlem
That’s backed up to Jackson Heights.
There’s a Scout troop short a child,
Khrushchev’s due at Idelwyld

Ain’t we lucky we got 'em . . . GOOD TIMES!

Man, I miss the old singable theme songs.
Hey! Here they come with a rum-tee tum, they’re having a toy parade.
A tin giraffe with a fife and drum is leading the kewpie parade.

. . . So while you’re here, enjoy the view,
Keep on doing what you do,
Hold on tight, we’ll muddle through. . .

One Day a Time, one day at a naaa nanana

Does anybody know what the first line in the second verse says? I always sang “so whomp on the keys, somewhere there’s music playing. . .” but I don’t think they actually say ‘whomp on the keys’.

I think it’s “so up on your feet…”

“Car 54 where are yoooooooooouuuuuuu?”

Um, “My Two Dads” ?

How about
Soon a band of merry men begotten
They wore outfits made of plain green cotton

I bet that’s a show I’ve desperately wanted to see - When Times Were Rotten.

The Odd Couple.

I think it’s actually When Things Were Rotten

Some more:

Isadora was the first bra-burner
Ain’t you glad she showed up?


Here we come, walking down the street,
Get the funniest looks from, everyone we meet.

as well as

Come and knock on my door,
We’ll be waiting for you,


The Monkees

Three’s Company

Something magic in the way you hold me in your eyes
No one ever warned me love just takes you by surprise
I don’t know what’s come over me, you’ve got my hypnotized
when you look at me.


Life goes on, and so do we,
Just how we do it is no mystery.
One by one … one by one, we fill the days,
We find a thousand different ways.