Sort of poll for British Dopers: Do Cheerios amuse you?

Well, do they? I know if I found out that there was a cereal called “hellos” or “byes” I’d be amused as hell. :smiley:

OTOH, I was horrified when someone suggested a bowlful of Hugs (Hersey chocolates related to Kisses) because I pictured a bowl full of tiny arms reaching out for people, so I might be exceptionally odd on this score.

Too right. But there’s an even more disturbing one, “Golden Grahams”.

“Weetabix”, “Shredded Wheat”, “Rice Crispies”. Those are proper cereal names.

Heh have you seen the new cereal in the disney line kelloggs has ?

Its called mud and bugs … based on the timon and pumba characters in the lion kings

Its basically a chocolate cereal with bug shaped marshmallows I think they also have lion king marshmallows also

I about died when I thought of some kid asking “Mommy can I have some bugs n mud to eat … ?”

No, not really–though the daft cheerio song in the advert might (I haven’t seen it for ages).

Yep - “Cheerios” does seem pretty daft as names go. I have seen them in the shops but I don’t know what they are like. However, I agree with Cart tht “Golden Grahams” is really quite a disturbing name - is this the brekfast of cannibals or what?

Now I’ve got

“Cheery oats, cheery corn
Cheery rice & wheat

running round my head. :mad:

Anyway, we don’t really use “cheerio” for “goodbye” any more. Well maybe sometimes. However, the cereal doesn’t amuse me, particularly because they don’t taste as good this side of the Atlantic as they do stateside.

I think Graham is a type of flour, and that’s probably where the name Golden Grahams comes from.

DISCLAIMER: Not a definitive answer

“Graham flour”, in the US at least, is a type of whole wheat flour. “Graham crackers” are a sweet cracker that was originally made from that flour, though these days they’re cookies in everything but name. (See Unca Cecil’s column about inventor Sylvester Graham and his obsessions with food - and sex.) “Golden Grahams” are supposed to taste like graham crackers, thus the name.

I don’t normally eat breakfast. If I do, it will be the full English breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage, fried bread etc.

None of this pansy cereal stuff. :smiley:

Grape Nuts.

They ain’t grapes. They ain’t nuts. It makes perfect sense.

I first encountered Cheerios when they made a suspiciously clear appearance in Superman: The Movie (when Clark has begun walking north through the corn field and Mrs Kent is laying out the breakfast.)

So I was well prepared for them when they were introduced in the UK.

On the DVD commentary it is revealed by director Richard Donner that this was indeed a paid-for product placement.

Yes, that’s part of the problem. But they’ve also struck me as sounding like a euphemism. I don’t know what for, but it would be something pretty nasty.

Corn oats rice and wheat,
4 grain nutrition thats not too sweet

Wasn’t even aware of why the name might amuse me, till I read jjimm’s posting - it’s the weird name for a weird cereal, which makes it standard for cereals as far as I can see. I would only ever say “cheerio” in an ironic sense, ‘bye’ being the common usage in my area.

Don’t even START on ‘Corn Flakes’…

Well - one has to find it a bit alarming if “Graham” is a name in one’s family.

Yep - I’ll stick to the healthy traditional coffee and a fag for breakfast. Now that couldn’t sound at all alrming, could it?


"However, I agree with Cart tht “Golden Grahams” is really quite a disturbing name - is this the brekfast of cannibals or what? "
Don’t worry - apparently, they taste like chicken.[

That’s sort of funny. I take it that the name is popular across the water…I’ve only met a couple of boys named Graham, and I wondered why they were named after a sort of cracker. I know kids whose names are types of cheese, so it didn’t seem odd to relate the name to food.

As far as I can tell, they’re not even food. They’re gravel.
I’ve always wondered why people would pay good money for a box of rocks.

I love Cheerios, though. They’re the only non-sugar-coated cereal I actually like. These days I only buy sugar-coated cereal a few times a year (Cheerios are always in the pantry) but when I do I like Cap’n Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch. Anybody know if they still make Kaboom! ? I used to like it as a kid, even though it tasted mostly like dye.
I recently found out they still make Quisp, though if I want any I’ll have to mailorder it, since they don’t stock it round these parts.

Slight hijack: I was in the grocery store a few weeks back and saw a cerreal that advertised, indeed, they were proud of the fact, that they had Crayola crayon colors in the cereal. I can’t remember the name of the cereal, though I think it was some sort of Disney cereal. It’s never a good sign that one of the most attractive features of your food product is the color. And to cross market your cereal with crayons.

Seeing that was almost as creepy as seeing the blue and red margarine aimed at kids (“We need to figure out a way to get kids to eat more margarine. Hmmmm”)

I have been stareing at these goddam Cheerios for hours now, and they haven’t done one funny thing, so I think I can safely say, no, Cheerios in their natural state do not amuse me.

However, I’m sure I can thing of some delightfully sordid things to do to other people with them that would amuse me.


Cheerios now comes with freeze-dried strawberries, and a mixed berry version. I am blissfully happy now, because the plain ones, while tasty, are dull, and I never seem to have fruit in the house when cereal is in the house. Now most of my problems are solved!

I still won’t pour milk on my cereal, however. It must stay in its glass, and the cereal stays dry.