Sorting Music Library into & out of albums

So my friend is going through her Music Library & sent the screenshots linked below with the first question:
“How do I get all these into 1 album—”

(pics here MusicShots1 - Album on Imgur )

I reply

"OK, using the Abracadabra one as a guide-
Type in Various in album artist
Track 001 of 267
Click box on compilation
Click OK

Same with Constant Craving but
Type in Various in album artist
Track 002 of 267
Click box on compilation
Click OK

Type in Various in album artist
Track 003 of 267
Click box on compilation
Click OK

Cruising for a Bruising
Type in Various in album artist
Track 004 of 267
Click box on compilation
Click OK

And so forth"

She replies-

“Is there a broader method to cover more songs at once than doing each individually?
or to separate the ones that got clustered into an album so they are separated like the other ones?”

Was I even remotely right in my answer?
If not, how should I have answered that & also her following questions?

That appears to be a playlist. I’m questioning if putting them all into one album is really what she wants to do.

Assuming that is what she wants to do, she just needs to “select all” (Ctrl+A), “Get Info” (Ctrl-I), check the “compilation” box, then just change the album title and click “OK.” They’re all the same album now.

Thanks, and how about the last question?

I don’t completely understand her last followup question.

What exactly is it she’s ultimately trying to do? If I knew what the final goal was, I could probably give you a better answer, but I’m not sure I have enough information to answer what she’s asking. What “other ones”?

Again, I’m failing to see the point of doing this at all. Why is she making albums from playlists? That’s the entire point of having playlists; you can group songs together to be played together, without having to mess with the artist/album info. That way you can add the same song to multiple playlists. The way she’s doing it is basically locking specific songs to that playlist.

Relevant concerns as to why she wants to do this aside, the answer the question as asked involves using the “Album Artist” field, which I can see is blank in the example given.

As it appears that all of the songs in question have “Mix” as the album title, this should be simple using the “Songs” view. Select “Songs” on the left, sort by Album, select all of the songs with “Mix” album title, right-click and choose “Get Info”.

The pop-up will show “Mixed” in several fields (but not the album title “Mix”), most of those should remain unchanged. The “album artist” field should be changed to “Various” (ignore whether it is blank or shows “Mixed”) or whatever name you want to give to it.

The “compilation” check box is optional but helps to separate the various-artists compilations from other albums credited to a single artist.

Thanks for the help.

This pic is her latest concern:


“This is under albums. They’re all mixed up. Not in order.
The “Mix” ones can’t all be highlighted and merged into one album.”

Sorry for the late response, didn’t see this until I dug up an old email notification. Hopefully, this reply isn’t necessary, but just to be sure:

It appears that each time you click the “Album” column to sort it, it changes the sorting criteria (Album, Album by Artist, and Album by Artist/Year), and the screen shot shows it is currently sorted by “Album by Artist/Year” which prioritizes other columns. Clicking the “Album” column again until is only shows “Album” should get everything with “Mix” as the album title sorted together.