Sound card has a virus?

I originally posted this when my computer had sound problems.
It has come back that my sound card had a virus or so the techie says. How could this happen, how could I have prevented this and how could I fix it in the future?

I’ve never, ever heard of an audio card having a virus. Based on your previous thread and that you’re working with integrated motherboard audio as well, it’s some sort of conflict.

Post full system specs and we can continue!

What were the techie’s precise words? Were the more along the lines of “Your sound card has a glitch.” or “Your sound card has a bug.”? He could have said bug to mean glitch, which is not the same as a virus.

Don’t forget the gremlins. If you get one of those in your sound card, it’s history.

Er? Glitch.

Ditto, I run a computer shop and have seen dozesn of sound issues in the last year, cards don’t get viruses. They may develop a fault, but they do not just pick up virii.

A card could have been corrupted if it allows for firmware upgrade. I have never heard of a virus that attacks sound cards, but it could happen under the above condition.

It’s possible for a driver to be infected by a virus, but I’ve never seen a case of this happening with a sound card. If the techie specifically said the card itself had a virus, I think it’s time to find a new techie.

I’ve seen Windows Update offer a driver upgrade for a soundcard that was inappropriate for the actual hardware present - in fact I’ve seen it on several different machines - Windows Update just seems to kill soundcards sometimes. However, it’s not ‘kill’ in the fatal sense, because a driver rollback should put it right again (followed by a visit to Windows Update to mark the audio driver as ‘don’t show me this again’).

Or, it could be that somehow the soundcard program has developed a fault/glitch/bug. I think what this means, is the soundcard drivers will need to be reinstalled and updated.

OK, I screwed up. I don’t know where I got the idea that the sound card had a virus. Here are my techie’s exact words

Can anyone translate this into English?
I have purchased an antivirus program called NOD32. Why didn’t it pick up this virus? What can I do in the future to prevent problems such as this?

I think its: A virus exploited a Windows vunerability, which in turn caused the Windows program that works with your soundcard software to glitch. Downloading an update from Microsoft and installing it fixed the problem. (This would be after getting rid of the virus, I assume.) ETA: In short, it was a problem with Windows caused by a virus, that affected your Soundcard’s ability to function.

Prevention being make sure you update fixes on the OS in a timely manor. Run an antivirus and don’t execute files unless you know the source.

That makes a bit more sense. I’m surprised that the soundcard was the only thing conspicuously affected, if svchost was compromised.

I thought I updated the OS and installed all fixes. I also ran NOD32 and it found nothing.
It sounds like an easy solution and I spent months trying to figure it out.

Don’t take what I said in a bad way. I know you’ve been working at this for a while. You can never be 100% secure.