Sound not working on youtube?

None of the youtube videos I’m trying to play have any sound. Is it just me?

Okay, it seems it’s working for me but just not in Mozilla. What gives?

Did you try the same videos? Some have the sound turned off due to copyright issues.

I tried a bunch, but it turns out it wasjust me…restarted and is fine.

I have that problem on-and-off with Chrome. It’s some weird browser issue, and, as you’ve discovered, restarting the application usually resolves it.

Not only that…the video seems constipated. The download bar shows that the puter is receiving it, but it just sticks in place. I can fast forward and it will play for 2-3 seconds, freeze again. Could be my system; if I weren’t upgrading soon, I’d investigate. I’m using IE, will probably restart and see if that fixes it.