Sound output issue with new cell phone

I recently purchased a Nokia 7.1 cell phone. Out of the box, it worked well, but as I’ve been setting it up I ran into a weird problem; I’m hoping the cell phone gurus here can help.

The problem is with the sound output. When it plays on line music or videos, no sound comes from the speaker. If the headphones or aux cable is plugged into the headphone jack, the sound comes from the phone speaker but not the external speakers. If bluetooth is used, it works normally. Notifications and alarm sounds come through the speaker normally.

So, why would the speaker not play music unless the headphone jack is being used? I figure it’s something I did while setting up instead of a hardware issue, but I cannot figure out what it is. TIA!

Try shutting off bluetooth and see what happens. With my phone, for example, I get no audio from the phone if I’m in my car. Presumably, it’s pushing the audio to the car radio, which turned to bluetooth audio. If I turn off bluetooth, so it drops that connection, it works fine.

If you turn it off and it works, that’s the issue. If you turn it off and still don’t get any audio, then you can rule out bluetooth as the problem. That is, it’s not connected to some device in your house/car that you’re not aware of.

You could also check your volume settings. Assuming it’s android based, find your volume settings and make sure they’re all turned up (or, at least, none of them are muted). Sometimes things use unexpected settings. Again, with my phone, I found that youtube audio and audio for games used to different volume settings. My alarm happened to be tied to the volume for games (that took a long time to figure out). So when I’d mute games, I wouldn’t have an alarm in the morning. Turn the alarm volume up and games would be jarringly loud.

And, maybe first, just reset the phone and see if that clears it up.

Thanks Joey, I tried those things before and just tried them again on your advise. Bluetooth off: no change. All volume settings are on max. Reboot: no change.

Trying throwing it in airplane mode, just for kicks. But you’ll have to have something to play before you do it.

If you haven’t already, try it across various apps. Make sure you get no audio from Chrome, Youtube (the app), a gif that has sound on the imgur or reddit app etc. Make sure it’s not, say, just chrome or just youtube.

HA! another hard reboot and the sound problem is fixed! Weird. Thanks Joey!

Now another issue. The phone won’t make phone calls, when I try to dial someone it says “Server error. Try again later.” This happens on WFI and data. And no one can call me, they say it goes right to the not-set-up voicemail.

One out of two solved!

You said you just got the phone, has it ever worked? If it’s never worked it’s almost certainly going to involve you going back to the store and having them figure it out. It sounds much more likely that they didn’t activate it properly than that the SIM card is causing a problem. Especially since phones tend to be pretty “vocal” about not having a sim card installed. However, you could still try popping it out and putting it back in.

But you’ll probably end up having to get a hold of customer service to fix that one.

I bought it on line from Best Buy, and brought it to my local Verizon store to switch the contacts and back up the pictures from my old phone. The nice lady there did install a new micro sim card. I’ll go back to her after the Christmas rush.

If the SIM card is not working properly for the phone calls, how does the handset know my phone number for texting? It has no problems with texting

If it can text, it’s not a sim card issue. In fact, if you can shut off wifi and still access the internet, it’s not the sim card.
You could, just for kicks, take it out and put it back in, but it’s not likely to be that. I suppose it could be some setting on your phone somewhere, for example, you can usually set which network it’s using, but I doubt it and it’s probably easier to have someone look at it before you futz with those settings and end up with two problems instead of one.

"it’s probably easier to have someone look at it before you futz with those settings and end up with two problems instead of one."

Yep, it feels like that’s how I got here. Thanks man I will have the nice lady look into it for me.