Soure of Pinky & the Brain dialogue

episode named Brainania

Brain says:
I’ll address them in the primitive argot of the south seas.
Me number-one fella. Other fella number 10. Catchy all same-same. You savvy

It seems as though it’s parody of something.
But where’s it from?

It’s a spoof of “Pidgin English,” a simplified form of English that colonial masters taught to slaves and other subjects.

Chop chop fella get longa back to work or nogood come longa him.

And here I was thinking it was a takeoff on Orson Welles’ infamous frozen food commercial.

No, that would be this one.

Yeah, I got that.

It just seems like it may have come from a movie or another show.
It seems an allusions of some sort.

Interesting side note here. I heard a Nerdist podcast with Andrea Romano, the voice director for PaTB. Apparently Maurice LeMarche used that Orson Wells bit as his soundcheck/warm-up all the time, and Andrea asked the writers to make an episode out of it. He didn’t know until he got there for recording. :smiley:

Oops; sorry. I couldn’t tell the degree of specificity. If it is something direct, I don’t know it.

I watched Smapti’s link first, and mildly enjoyed it. Then I went out and listened to Orson Welles’ actual commercial outtakes. Holy Hannah! That makes the “Pinky and the Brain” sequence poisonously delicious! I’d never known of this, and am so happy to have seen the spoof first: it makes the actual clip so much more preposterous and fatuous!