South High Marathon Dance-2016

I’ve been posting one of these threads once a year for the past couple of years. I’ll include a link to the story from our local paper. This is my old high school, I was a senior in high school during the 2nd marathon dance.

Sadly, these threads don’t usually get much traffic, but I’m incredibly proud of what the kids, and the community, have done over the years. After living in Boston, working for the airline, and travelling all over, I’ve been back in South Glens Falls for many years now.

This year, the kids and community raised a staggering $762,153. Everything raised goes to help people in need in the local area. The kids themselves choose the recipients.

Link to our Local Paper
Link to the dance website

If you need something to make you feel good about kids these days, or people in general, read the links.

I love this story, on so many levels. I have a special place in my heart for local charities directly helping local people. I also appreciate activities that give people a chance to see the value of charity work. And although I’m not a kid person, I really do like seeing kids with the opportunity to experience something like this - it’s not going to stick with everyone, but there are so many lessons to be learned through it.

And the sheer level of success. Wow.

Thanks for sharing!

The whole village gets involved in this dance every year. Businesses donate money or goods to auction. People save their returnable bottles all year and donate the deposit returns to the dance. It’s hard to convey just how involved everyone is, but nearly every single person either gives money or time to make this a success. Even the little kids in the elementary schools are involved. It’s really amazing.

Being there at the end of the dance when the kids are announcing the total amount raised and introducing the recipients is the most emotional thing I have ever experienced. There isn’t a single person there who isn’t crying. It’s really something.

My area sponsors a “Student Hunger Drive” every fall, and it’s done by junior high and high school students. Each year, they collect over 500,000 pounds for the main food bank here, and raise tens of thousands of dollars.

Am I afraid of the future? Not when I hear about things like this.:cool: