South Park 3/31

Wow. I think they might have taken the “Mel Gibson = nuts” a little too far, but it was still hilarious. :slight_smile:

Some of the parts that stick out in my head:

  1. Cartman talking about “The Cleansing… if you know what I mean.”
  2. “Stereotyping Jews is terrible.” (After going through 4 different reactions, all bearing a “common feature.”


It was a little disappointingly over-the-top. Nutty Mel Gibson was amusing, but it only detracted from anything real they might’ve wanted to say in the episode.

One question: at the very end of Kyle’s dream sequence, did they flash a picture of Alan Alda? If so, any particular reason?

I’m pissed that they took my line. I’ve been calling “The Passion” a snuff film since it came out, and now it’s going to look like I’m copycatting. Drat.

“This is America. And in America, if something sucks, you’re supposed to get your money back!”

I thought it was a little dissapointing, but still a good episode.

It had some good moments, but overall, it could’ve been better.

I really enjoyed it… especially Hitler Cartman conning the Christians into marching chanting in German! LOL

“C’mon Kenny, this is just like when we went to get our money back after Baseketball.

I thought it was just okay. Not as good as the last two have been, although it was pretty cool to see Cartman in the Hitler getup again. For some reason I never get tired of that.

“Oh come on guys, I was so close to completeing my Final Solution…”

THAT’S Mel Gibson?? He’s a little less… dignified that I imagined…”


“The movie guilts you into being a better Christian.”

This one was really, really dark. I definately felt a bit unsettled a few times.

I’ve got to wonder whose idea it was to erase the swastikas from Cartman’s flags; thumbs down to Comedy Central on that one.

Why is it that TV networks feel compelled to pretend that the symbol doesn’t exist, even when actually discussing Nazis? Justice League pulled the same crap in an episode involving an alternate timeline where the Nazis have won. I could buy the idea that at some point in the alternate timeline the Nazi party’s symbol changed inexplicably from the swastika to something like the SS insignia, but later in the episode they show what is supposed to be a 1940s newsreel, and, for no particular reason, SS insignia are present everwhere one would expect to find a swastika.

When did history become politically incorrect?

[Apologies in advance if a mod feels that this is straying too far from Cafe Society material]

I can understand censoring the swastikas in a situation like this where it can be considered offensive (still don’t agree with it), but surely not in anything that is attempting to be historical…that’s just ridiculous. The episode really was fun, and i was glad to see them tackle the movie…something about the last shot with mel gibson crapping on (kenny?) i found very funny:)

Hey that’s MY line, too!

Only, I’ve been calling it “the only snuff film with a happy ending”.

To the OP, this was probably the hardest I’ve laughed at South Park in at least two seasons. Just brilliant in it’s absurd, over the top, portrayal of Gibson.

Well obviously, even the idiot Christians, would have realized Cartman was talking about killing the Jews if his banners had the swastika on it. He’d have to try to explain it away somehow, and it’s better that they didn’t have the swastikas so to make it a bit more believable.

Good point. Cartman was trying to hide his intentions, so it does fit in with the story line that he doesn’t just go out marching all over the place with a swatstika on him. Doing that would have made his intentions quite obvious.

Yes, he had to stick with subtle acts, like marching around in a Hitler outfit while leading German chants. :wink:

My guess is that they didn’t erase swastikas from Cartman’s banners…they erased crosses. The shapes would have been similar enough, and it makes sense that that’s what “good christian” Cartman would have put on 'em. (A lot more than just a blank circle makes sense.)

And I agree on the pointless Nazi censorship…they did the same thing on an episode of X-Men: Evolution not more than a year or two ago. In that one…

[spoiler]…In a flashback, Wolverine and Captain America are liberating a “prisoner of war” camp. A POW camp that had a lot of women and children in it. One of whom was a child who’d grow up to become Magneto, who it’s been long established was held at a Nazi death camp.

Anyway, not only do you not see any swastikas…but Logan and Cap manage to liberate the camp without killing any of the German soldiers.

I just thought that of all the people it could possibly be “OK” to show being killed on TV, that Nazi soldiers who are running a concentration camp would be at the top of the frigging list![/spoiler]

It just burns me up…people complain about violence on TV desensitizing kids, so they just show the same amount of violence, but stop showing anyone getting hurt! What’s that supposed to teach people?

But, that’s neither here nor there…good South Park episode. Hillarious Mel Gibson animation. But…I was expecting that Stan and Kenny were going to end up killing the dangerously insane Mel, in self defence, probably by nailing him to something. With the obvious allegory—they weren’t killing him for the heck of it, they were killing him because he was a dangerous psycho with delusions of grandeur, who was trying to start his own religion. You know, the classic kind of SP spin on a situation.
(Of course, Jesus didn’t have a banjo, and he didn’t scream “Qua’PLA!” every few minutes…)

I’m pretty sure he was crapping on Cartman.

My favorite line was from Cartman, in response to one of the others saying, “Bring it!”

“I brought it, put it on the table, and opened it!”

Add me into the “unsettled” camp, although I was laughing my ass off at many of the lines and Mel’s animation. I couldn’t wait to see what form Cartman’s comeuppance would take.