South Park 7-Apr-2004 (spoilers)

All Hail Butters, Destroyer of Worlds!

Man, the OC crew got effed in the A. :smiley:

Man, that OC crew got effed in the A. :smiley:

… twice! :wink:

There’s something in my front pocket for you, dear

My favorite was when they did a little snippet of the “Training Montage” music as Stan gave into his fathers quilt and decided to do the showdown in the hospital.

Not much Cartman though, kind of a letdown after last week.

This was a pretty funny episode.

Poor Butters just can’t catch a break, can he?

When it was mentioned the out-of-town crew was from Orange County, I was really hoping for them to rip on The OC a bit (even that show is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine).

Comedy gold. The goth kids remind me so much of high school.

This South Park had me laughing almost the entire way through. I particularly liked when the five (well, four) kids dancing together the first time. Stan line-dancing, the goth kid shuffling and smoking, and the Raisins girl wagging her butt. Speaking of which, was anyone paying enough attention to the first Raisins episode to know which girl that was? Was that Lexus, the girl that snubbed Butters?

I also liked the convention center marquee flashing, “IT’S ON!!” I could have done without the shot of the guy in Butters’ flashback trying to stuff his organs back in.

I have to admit I didn’t see that ending coming, although it seems so obvious now. How else could it have ended? It was perfect.

Poor poor Butters. Sorry, just upgraded Opera and am able to use colors and stuff for the first time, woo hoo! Anyway, I’m glad his eye healed up so nicely.

I loved it when there are basic disconnects in vocab between the boys and the outside world. Remember the carnival guys and “shenanigans”? “Mr. Barker, do you accept this call of shenanigans?” “What are you talking about?!” And the dance-off being “on” no matter what the served guys wanted, with its own unstoppable momentum. Also nice not to have a Cartman-centric episode for once. If it had been more Cartman he would have gone right to Token, who can obviously dance because he’s black, right?

It’s always fun seeing the Goths. And that accident was horrific, and then Stan telling poor Butters the further toll with the baby and suicides and all.

The best part for me was the Butters flashback to his horrible tap-dancing accident (8 dead!). Did anyone else make out the words to the song he was performing to? (It was also played over the ending credits.) Something along the lines of “I’ve got a present in my front pocket, for youuuuuu”…

I died laughing. I wish I had a copy of that song.

The tap dancing song was hilarious!! Leopold Stots, er… Butters, was awesome in this episode (dude, learn to tie your shoes ;)). Glad to see him get more airtime. I always thought there was great potential in having more Butters!

Though I loved when the kids have no idea what getting ‘served’ meant and everyone else treated it like they had just died or something!

I’ve got something in my front pocket for you,
Why don’t you reach down in my pocket, and see what it is.
Then grab on to it, it’s just for you;
Give a little squeeze and say “How do you do?”
There’s something in my front pocket,
There’s something in my front pocket,
There’s something in my front pocket –

And then, Butters loses his shoe. And the rest is history.

The goth dance had me laughing my ass off:

stare at the ground
shuffle feet
puff on cigarette every 3 seconds

Otherwise, I did kind of feel this episode was a bit of a let-down.

I’m pretty sure his last name is Scotch. Butters Scotch. Get it?

Finally we are beginning to get a glimpse into the mind of Butters. I’ve been wondering what his deal is since he first took over for Kenny.

The fiddle tunes for the dancing duck made me wheeze.


Of course, Butters remains my favourite South Park kid.

“Dancing is something you do in your room alone at 3:00am.” :smiley:

I was so fascinated at the idea of finally learning Butters’s full name that I leaned in to carefully read those newspaper clippings he got out, and to my eyes, it looked like ‘Stotch.’ Of course, Butterstotch still sounds a lot like butterscotch, and still explains how he acquired the nickname.

According to the official website, it’s Stotch. Hope that helps.

Glad he grew his eye back.

I think that was a reference to Day of the Dead; there’s scene at the end in which a guy gets ripped in half and is reaching for his own guts, trying to put them back in.