South Park Christmas in Iraq

Even if this thread has zero replies…I just have to say this:

Bwahahahahahaha :smiley:
I suppose Matt & Trey must have seen Blackhawk Down on HBO last week too.
And the return of Kenny was awesome.

“I just had to kill him…he shocked santa’s balls!”

…best christmas…episode…ever…

I missed the return of Kenny?
Nobody TOLD me???


Especially with Jesus kicking some Iraqi ass.

The best part, when Jesus raises he hands and says to accept him, and then pull out a knife and kills one and then shoots the other!


The underwear gnomes are back!

The underpants gnomes.
I love how Kenny just showed up. “Hey guys, how’s it goin?”

“Hey Kenny, where’ve you been?”

“Oh, I’ve been over there”

I knew they were gonna bring him back like that :smiley:

Kenny speaks?
Good gad.

Actually Kenny said, “Mmm mmm mmm mm mm mmm.”

Jesus: “We’re going to need… (opens up chest full of assault rifles) … a little Christmas miracle.”


I especially enjoyed the scene where Santa is being tortured by the Iraqis. Santa goes from “You’re being very naughty, you should let Santa go, etc etc”, and when they shock his balls, “SANTA’S GONNA KILL YOU! SANTA’S GONNA F*CKING KILL YOU!!!”

And they couldn’t have driven home the true meaning of Christmas in a more interesting way.

Oh yeah, can’t forget the “my main man” guy from Three Kings.

I was actually thinking about this while watching the DVD…
You know you’ve watched to much South Park when Kenny makes his “mmm mmmmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmmm m mmm mm” noise…and you know what he says.

All aboard the Poo-choo Train!

Good point Gaijin-

The whole purpose of Christmas is Jesus, whether you believe in the legend or the man.

I thought they did as fine a job of making that point, as they did skewering John Edward.

“Oh my god, they killed Jesus!”

“You… bastards…”

It wouldn’t be a Christmas episode if Kenny didn’t live through it.

Just because he’s been dead all season doesn’t mean he can’t come back to live through this one. :wink:

Is this episode going to repeat at all? Can’t believe I forgot to set the VCR…

I’m pretty sure the CC feeds are the same in each time zone and South Park has re-runs of the new ep. on Sunday morning at 2am and 11pm.

And didn’t Eric look dashing this episode in his festive holiday sweater?
My favorite Xmas South Park.
Saturday at 10PM EST ArchiveGuy. I forgot too. Grr.

Great. Thanks kasuo & Witch :slight_smile: --I’ll check my listings and then check back in…

You wont be sorry ArchiveGuy. I haven’t laughed so hard since the Radiohead/Scott Tennorman episode :smiley: