South Park Death Threats

I haven’t seen the episode of SP in question, but apparently they recently showed Mohammed in a bear suit along with other religious figures.

This has apparently imflamed some muslims and once again the usual statements are being made.

Story here.

I think the last bit was added so the person making the statement would not be arrested for making inflamatory remarks.

For the record I am in favour of freedom of speech and think that anything not qualifying as hate speech should be able to be broadcast. If people don’t like it they don’t have to watch it.

For those who have seen the episode, how do you know it’s supposed to be Mohammed in the bear suit?

I wondered when someone would bring this up. Find the CNN video interviewing the chump that runs that website and watch it. He’s a fucking tool.

I saw part of the episode on The O’Reilly Factor. Not particularly funny, but definitely designed to bait the Muslims. Those guys have some stones!

Because he was in the u-haul.

Comedy Central censored almost the entire episode anyway.

South Park or O’Reilly?

I paid for the episode from iTunes. Censored?

Worth it just for the Tom Cruise fudge-packer part.:smiley:

At first I thought/hoped it was part of the joke. I’m sad that it wasn’t.

Having Jesus kill a bunch of Iraqis is ok.
Jesus shitting on the president and American flag is ok.
Buddha doing lines of coke is ok.
Saying Muhammad’s name is not ok.

The world we live in…

The point was they showed 6 religious leaders. The only one that threatened them are the Muslims. That is a big difference.
South Park shows a lot of guts because someone has to do it. The answer is that every network should show a depiction of Muhammad and keep doing it until they get the message that threatening people with death will not be tolerated. It is just another religion. In America they don’t make the rules.

Jesus and Budda kick ass, know when to turn the other cheek and know how to live a little.

Apparently (channeling Sam’s voice from Burn Notice) “Muhammad is a whiny little bitch…and a bit of a pansy too”

Time to retreat to the spider hole.

What I find funny is that South Park did a whole episode staring the Super Best Friends back in season 5 and they showed Muhammad quite a bit in that episode and no one gave a shit back then or at least no news coverage gave a shit if some loon was frothing at the mouth.

You can watch the episode for free on the South Park Studios website and see for your self how they depicted Muhammad. They were respectful with their depiction.

These jackasses are just giving Trey and Matt what they want, which is more attention. It’ll be interesting to see how they address it in future episodes.

I think the most interesting thing to come from this story is the revelation that radical muslims watch South Park.

…and Muhammad wasn’t even IN the bear suit! It was Santa filling in.

I loved how they (meaning the guys) censored the helpful morals from Stan, Santa, and Jesus at the end. But I suppose it was CC censoring Muhammad’s name throughout.

Eric Tenorman, lol! and yuck.

Tim R. Mortiss:

Well, one Stone, at least. And one Parker.

I’m still not a South Park fan, but the people they infuriate are usually more annoying than the show, and that’s definitely true here. For about the billionth time, if your religion says ‘don’t make depictions of Muhammad,’ then don’t make any artwork featuring the guy. Don’t expect me to follow your superstitions. If I did feel like drawing Muhammad, I would. And you wouldn’t know who it was anyway because I can’t draw for shit.

I’ve always felt that the World’s media missed a tremendous opporunity to end this issue once and for all. When the Danish cartoons became controversial I feel that every major newspaper in the world should have published one of the cartoons and that would have shown the unity needed to squash these thugs.

Fair play to Matt and Trey.

I dunno.

If someone felt that their life (or the live’s of folks near or dear to them) might actually be put in danger by some action they did, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to let them decide whether they wish to risk it in that specific manner.

If they decide that the fight’s not worth it, that’s up to them.

And so the terrorists win.