South Park season 23 opener Wednesday night.

South Park season 23 starts on Wednesday at 10:00 on Comedy Central.

I remember watching the first episode… hard to believe it was really that long ago.

Matt and Trey have a commitment from Comedy Central for three more seasons, through season 26.

So I’ve heard, which makes me wonder why they kept flashing the hashtag “#cancelSouthPark” throughout the prior season. I was sure that meant they were ending it.

I do hope they can do some episodes that are pure funny rather than political commentary of spoofs of recent TV/movies. I’m having a hard time remembering when they last did such…maybe “Ginger Cow” (6 years ago)?

I took this as a running joke, because they used Mr Hanky to parody Roseanne Barr’s racist outburst using Ambien as an excuse.

At the end of the episode they sent him off to Springfield a place which accepts racists, with exaggerated versions of those characters, and an exaggerated version of Apu, and cuts to to #cancelthesimpsons.

In effect they were pulling at that string which was Apu being an unacceptable parody of a modern indian in America.

After that they kept putting up #cancelsouthpark

The past few seasons have been disappointed but I keep on watching for whatever reason

I see in tonight’s episode they’re continuing the weed farm arc from last season. This is one of my biggest gripes from the past few seasons. It’s like they get a couple episode’s worth of ideas and jokes and stretch it out over an entire season doing the same thing over and over

so they’re the 2k’s version of the Simpsons at this point…

You mean … the Simpsons did it. :wink:

Disappointing episode. It looks like the setup for another arc. They didn’t mine the hilarity of Cartman being sent to the same detention camp as Kyle. Towlie was just annoying, he used to have some uproarious moments. Randy has a history of going overboard, but he’s never intentionally hurt his friends.