South Park: The Stick of Truth: Anyone playing?

I watched the first 15 minutes on YouTube (can’t link t the moment, sorry) and it looked really funny. Just wondering how the game play was. Anyone playing?

I haven’t played it yet, but reviews are saying gameplay is similar to Paper Mario, of all things.

IGN says the whole game took them only 14 hours. Just FYI.

Just picked it up. Yeah. It’s crazy how much it looks like the show. It’s the first game I’ve ever played that is literally indistinguishable from the TV show. Closest I’ve seen is mlb the show.

It’s pretty fun. Basically it’s a straight ripoff of paper mario but it works. If you don’t like sp don’t bother with this game though. Most of its appeal is to fans of the show.

Also, 14 hrs is plenty of time to spend on one single player game IMHO.

Have you noticed many bugs?

It looks like you can pick different classes (Including Jew which as a Jewish person I find hilarious!). Is the story any different depending on the class you pick?

Hmm… After playing a bit longer some things have become evident to me. This game will probably be pretty boring to people who don’t have at least a decent amount of South park viewing under their belts. It’s wall to wall inside jokes and cameos that will probably be meaningless to a general gamer. In fact it’s so deep with sp fan service that it’s taking a bit away from the game for me, a casual viewer. I’m also finding it a bit lacking in combat opportunities. There aren’t very many random encounters relative to other rpgs , and this will be appealing to those who are put off by heavy random fights but, again, if you aren’t familiar with sp beyond “you killed Kenny!” it may seem kind of dull.

Still a good game and I’m only a few hours in but a bit of the shine has dulled for me.

I beat this today. I thought it was worth the money, if a bit short (I’m not sure exactly how long it took me, but 14-16 hours sounds about right).

I very much agree with Cubsfan that the game is really only for SP fans.

I came across one, during the tutorial. The game was supposed to prompt me to do something but didn’t, so the characters just stood there. It didn’t happen after I reloaded.

I don’t think so. As far as I could tell, there were only two story choices to be made and neither were consequential.

BTW, it should be mentioned that the game plays better with a controller. I’ve heard the QTEs can be a real pain with a keyboard.

Uh oh. I put in a couple more hours tonight and the game is losing me. Very dull so far. I find the map to be non user friendly. The houses are mostly indistinguishable so I’m constant having to pull the map up to see if I’m at the right house. The game struggles if I try to run all the way through a screen on ps4. There’s no single button click to sell all your junk which is a bizarre omission since they went through the trouble of automatically separating your junk. And, as I mentioned earlier, combat is spaced pretty far apart. This may have been too hasty of a purchase. Hmm…

I find that reviewers tend to manage to blow through games a lot faster than I do. I realize they’re professionals on a deadline, but I have to wonder what they’re blowing off to get those numbers. Of course, it doesn’t look like we can hope for nearly the scope of a Skyrim or even Borderlands.

You can get more combat anytime you want. There’s always someplace where you can step indoors and the enemies outside that building re-spawn. But since the game scales enemies to your level, as is the modern tendency, there’s no great incentive to go running around farming XP.

As for the rapid-press quick time events, I mostly use my keyboard, but I have my Rumblepad set to spam the letter S anytime I want. Except for walking around, everything about the game seems to be mouse-and-keyboard-optimal, so I didn’t see any reason to try and set up the controller fully.

So far, the game is fun, though I’ll have to see how much content remains before I can say whether it’s a whole $60 worth of fun.

Finished the game, about 30 hours in. Overall, I’d say it’s an excellent game. I enjoyed the jokes that weren’t merely gross, and the various gimmicks for finding your way around the environment. Whether I’d recommend it is kind of problematic. At full retail price? Well, I’m sure they had to go through a full retail development cycle, so I don’t want to take food out of their mouths, but it is briefer than a game would normally be. Of course, a lot of that comes from a lack of things that are mere time wasters in other games, like traveling around. The content is pure content with little in the way of filler.

Let’s talk replay value. Well… there are some parts of the game I really don’t want to play through again. But if you’ve been following South Park from the beginning, it’s nothing you have not been primed to expect. I will probably play through again at least to see what it’s like to play a Jew.

I may even play on a harder setting. Generally, I feel that Normal ought to be hard enough, but I think these days Normal is the new Easy for a lot of games. The only fight that I had any trouble with was against Al Gore. I didn’t really try out many of the other companion, because Butters’ was so useful. Cartman seemed to have some of the funniest lines, but he couldn’t transform in to Professor Chaos.

The more I play the clunkier the map and inventory party interface feels. Did you feel that way?

I didn’t have any issues with that. I did feel like the directional movement demanded a game pad, but then so much of the rest of the interface was mouse dependent, so you couldn’t map the controls onto a gamepad. But eventually I just got used to the game feeling like an emulated NES game on the left hand and a modern RPG on the right.

I played this over at Blue Elk’s placed today. I thought it was sloooooooooooooow.

Man I lost like two hours yesterday playing this. I’m really really enjoying it, despite the weird mix of button mashing and strategy - gamepad movement and mouse driven menus.

The characters and the world have kept me hooked, and despite some mechanics issues, the gameplay is fun so far.

I’m playing on hardcore with a gamepad - the movement was obviously made for one, but managing anything else is a mess of menus and sub menus that are obviously best navigated via mouse.

Combat is fun and engaging and backed up with a ton of varied abilities and loot. I’m not used ot the button timing/mashing that need to happen, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. I still can’t poop, though :frowning:

I’m six or so hours into this right now. I don’t think it’s actually that good as a game; it’s very basic RPG stuff, combat is repetitive and not very challenging, and there’s nothing in the underlying systems that we haven’t seen before (and probably better). It’s pretty clearly designed to be accessible to South Park fans first and foremost, and while that’s not a bad thing, as someone who plays a lot of games in general (and RPGs in particular), it leaves me wanting.

That said, as a South Park experience, it’s, uh, hella-fun. The writing and humor are spot on, and as many have mentioned, it’s full to the brim on references and in-jokes. I’m enjoying it quite a bit, it’s just hard for me to play for more than a couple of hours at a time because of the weakness of the mechanics.

I don’t like the fact that even simple JRPG games these days require this twitch button pushing. But since I mostly just did a few useful maneuvers and ignored the rest, I get pretty spot-on with it. If you get Professor Chaos to put up a shield, you’re probably not going to lose the combat, at least on Normal. Yeah, there’s a variety of attacks you can play with, but since dishing out bleeding damage while hiding behind the Chaos Shield worked over and over again, I didn’t bother to learn new moves.

As for the pooping, there’s no achievement for it. You just get an item you can throw in combat to give an enemy the Grossed Out debuff, and maybe on higher difficulty levels this is more valuable than just dishing out damage, but by the end of the game I was maxed out on shit nuggets I never used because you do find some. Don’t bother with the toilet game, unless it amuses you. Or the fact that you can do it at a urinal amuses you.

One thing I love about the game is that even though you’re the hero, you never actually get to be cool. You do get relatively badass in combat, but somehow you never feel like a little Commander Shepard. The most unbadass shit keeps happening to you. Some of it I did not enjoy actually seeing at all (cough abortionclinic cough), but I love the fact that they stood the heroic arc on its head by putting you through a tour-de-force of South-Park-style indignities. The game constantly knocks you down a peg or two, even if you are growing more powerful.