The Stick of Truth pre-release Thread

I don’t know if anybody else is looking forward to this title. But it’s an Obsidian RPG that is based on a funny show. I can’t wait. I’ve already pre-ordered it. They couldn’t sucker me into the Collector’s Edition, because what the hell was I going to do with a statuette of Cartman dressed as a wizard? I just don’t see it having a place of honor next to my Vault Boy bobblehead.

According to this Australian site, the gameplay is basically lifted straight from Paper Mario, which I have not played, but I’ve been assuming something pretty familiar from JRPGs.

I fully expect there will be something in the game that pushes too far and actually offends me. I’m no delicate petunia, but I have some modicum of taste and standards. Knowing it’s South Park, one braces for impact. Already there has been a controversy in Australia over an alien abduction scene (the article above mentions an abortion) which did not pass censors. I think Australia is also one of the countries where you can’t show children getting killed in a video game, and the article above suggests that in the context of the South Park world this is an elaborate game of pretend rather than say, as in Costume Quest, real but without any explanation for why the world suddenly works this way. Just like in the show, kids battle with only their dignity really on the line, and the adults in the rest of the world are subject to mortal consequences.

Considering I can count the number of good licensed games on one hand, I’m not getting my hopes up (especially given the odd development cycle), but I have to admit that the first 13-minute gameplay trailer made me laugh a couple of times. I’ll be watching the reviews closely.

It’s on my Steam wishlist, waiting for a sale.

Exceedingly minor spoilers in this link, but worth it. Read about a couple scenes they had to cut to meet standards.

Stick of Truth cut scenes.

When does this come out?

March 4th. I’ll probably get it on the 7th or something because Amazon grows strong from my tears.

I haven’t watched the early play video, because if I’m getting the game anyway I might as well see it in game.