I Am Not Making this Up: Obsidian's new RPG

I swear.

This is actual news.

Just take a look here.

This could work. The show has a distinctive look that could be fun in a game. It actually could be quite cool if they focus on the more Sci Fi aspects the show has (like the one where Cartman goes into the future). In fact I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

Obsidian = buggy. But it cal also be very good.

No mention of a Pc release though… 1 strike already.

I am a developer working on this game. I can’t talk about too many of the details (obviously), but I am excited to be working on it and I hope we can create an experience that will appeal to South Park and Obsidian fans.

The original article from Game Informer has been updated about this.

Article says Parker and Stone are heavily involved, writing the script and doing the voices. That’s a step in the right direction.

This could be crazy awesome or just crazy. Either I’ll be keeping on eye on this one.

Okay, I won’t ask specific questions. I just want to know one thing: do you know why they think this is a good idea, and how this came about?

Note I’m not asking you to tell us, unless you can. It you can’t, a yes or no question would suffice.

And if you can guess, the ssame rules apply.

This will not end well.

Obsidian is horrible technically, they are known for their good writing and stories. If they are not even writing the game it seems pretty pointless to have them make it.

Parker and Stone were heavily involved with the South Park FPS too, for what it’s worth.

Obsidian has been responsible for some of the best story telling in recent games, and also responsible for games with some serious issues.

I’m hopeful, specially since a PC version is coming too :wink:

I mean: South Park = good. RPG = good. Obisidian = good.

Not to get into this too much, but Dungeon Siege III was actually pretty polished and lacking in bugs. It was the first game we made with our own engine - Onyx - and I think it turned out pretty well from a technical standpoint.

Although Obsidian has a reputation for buggy games, we are trying our best to shed that image.

Well, I really shouldn’t be speaking to anybody’s decisions, but I can tell you that we are all excited about getting a chance to work on this game. It has been a crazy whirlwind of ideas and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I know that isn’t extremely useful (and doesn’t really answer your questions), but my hands are tied on it.