Southern Dopers ID Yourselves

If you are currently living (more than half the year) in one of these states
please check that option.

If you want to say Other, that’s cool, too.

Do to the “Recent Unpleasantness” I decline to say exactly WHAT state…but we eat grits and okra around these here parts and like em.

How recent we talking? No matter, y’all have to be good people with a diet like that.

You into chitlins or mountain oysters much?

Seems slightly odd to count Missouri as a “Southern” state but leave out Oklahoma.

(Voted Georgia–wasn’t actually born here, but grew up here and have lived here most of my life.)

That’s why I said Other. There are too many versions of The South these days, so I went with the SEC plus two Confederate States.

There can be no doubt about Georgia! :smiley:

ETA: Anybody want to predict which state will be the first to 10 Votes?

If you would like to see how things have changed in the past 10 years in terms of where some (Southern) Dopers live, check out:


Southern USA Dopers: Stand and be counted, please
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Only the last six or so posts there are as recent as 2014. The rest are older.

A monster summary is in this post.

guess I didn’t see the old one.

Arkansas was part of the Confederacy but we folded like a cheap suit.

I was about to say, “Define Southern,” but I should have known you’d have a list of states.

Arkansas is the upper South, and I’m on the northern end of it–to the point that I’ve been told I sound like I’m from southern Missouri more than Arkansas–but I’m also in the Ozarks, where the Southern-ness is more concentrated.

It should be fun to see how these rankings change as we go along:

View Poll Results:
Do you currently live in one of these states?
This poll will close on 06-19-2016 at 12:54 PM

Georgia           4 20.00% 

North Carolina    3 15.00% 
Tennessee         3 15.00% 
Texas             3 15.00% 

South Carolina    2 10.00% 
Arkansas          2 10.00% 
Mississippi       2 10.00% 

Virginia          1 5.00% 

Alabama           0 0% 
Florida           0 0% 
Kentucky          0 0% 
Louisiana         0 0% 
Missouri          0 0% 
Other Southern State (identify, please!)    0 0% 

Voters: 20

If you want visual evidence of how loosely defined The South is check out these maps.

(Due to some malfunction in my setup or to something I have yet to find, I can’t even see this link!) I hope it’s what I can see at Yahoo! Image Search for Maps of “The South USA”)

I’m in South Brooklyn, and I love okra and grits. We tend to call it “polenta,” though, because goombahs live here. And I panfry mean chicken.

Henry Ward Beecher lived here, too! Brooklyn was the second biggest Intellectual Abolitionist center after Boston! Ha ha! Suck Dead Lincoln’s balls!

As Bartles and Jaymes proclaim, “Thank you for your support!”:wink:

I wasn’t born in Georgia, but I’ve been furthering the reconstruction here for the last 32 years.

It’s been 26 years since I last lived in Texas, but I did live there for 24 years. During my formative years. Also lived in Arkansas for almost four years as a tyke but can barely remember that. So that’s about 28 years in the South under my belt.

The last two states I lived in were outside the South and more than 22 years ago, so I wouldn’t have voted in the poll even if it was a closed one (the only kind I vote in).

I have lived in seven of the states listed, but currently in Texas.

Is there a reason Missouri and Texas are southern states, but Oklahoma is not? Missouri, but not Illinois nor Kansas?

I lived in NE Florida for about 18 years, but I never considered myself to be a southerner. So I didn’t vote. Still, I felt compelled to post. :smiley:

Another Florida resident checking in. Oddly enough, even though it’s the southernmost state in the contiguous forty-eight, only the northern most part is really what you’d call “southern”, if we’re speaking politically and culturally. I am from Southern CA though; does that count? :slight_smile:

Now living in Houston Texas

Originally from Louisiana, now living in Virginia.